Thank you America

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays of the year, Thanksgiving. I will not post a big appreciation; I’ll let the kommandant of Babalu do that as is his right. But I do want to say that as we celebrate this holiday, remember how unique in the world it is to set aside one day to say “thank you.”

Thanks to my parents and grandparents who left Cuba escaping Communism with nothing but their will and built a life for me and my sister. Our kids exist because of their courage and determination.

And a big thanks to America for taking us in. No other country in the world is as generous and giving as ours. I know you read (and hear and see) a lot of negative crap in the media written by spoiled, over-indulged, over-educated buffoons. Don’t pay attention to any of it. We are the greatest country in the world. Give thanks tomorrow that you are living in it.

Read this very nice appreciation of Thanksgiving in today’s Miami Herald titled “Forget Yuca: it’s potatoes and a heap of thanks” written from a Cuban American perspective by the normally acidic Ana Menendez.

Thank you all.

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  1. Would be hard to say it any better, George. And let us not forget to thank God for all we’ve got-and do not mean for material things-when we are around the table with our loved ones tomorrow.

    45 years ago Thanksgiving Day, my family had given up all their material things, but got something far more precious and enduring in return. Gracias a Dios y al Tio Sam.

  2. Thank you George for such a nice note…it was one of my Grandmother’s favorite holidays too…and I’m with you Thank you God, and Thank you Uncle Sam…God bless America and long live our freedom!

  3. To All Ya’ll,

    From America: You are welcome!!!
    From Me: Thanks for sharing your culture with me! The dynamics of Cuban culture adds another palette of colors to the tapestry of life!

    Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Siempre Fiel!

    Sgt. B.

  4. Thanksgiving levity

    I was going to just let Emily’s post stand alone as our Thanksgiving greetings to you but this was just too good to pass up. Via Victoria in the comments of George’s excellent post. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!…

  5. Very nice- un poco tarde pero: ?GRACIAS USA!

    From the time of the pilgrims to today, this country has represented freedom, prosperity and oportunities to countless people all over the world.

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