It doesn’t stop

The animal barbarism of the castroites, acting lawlessly and with impunity, as their bearded master glowers behind the tropical palace walls and darkened windows of his Mercedes Benzes. The thuggery is his doing.

Cubanet reports:

Home of dissident attacked two days in a row

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, November 18 (Niurvys D?az Remond, Cubanac?n Press / – Someone threw a six-pound steel object on the roof of the home of dissidient Julio C?sar Montes Nerey, breaking one of the tiles.

Montes and his family said they believed the attacks, which occurred November 10 and 11, were the work of a government Rapid Response Brigade.

“It’s an act of terrorism and the second night in a row that our home is attacked while we sleep,” said Argelia Quintero Ben?tez, wife of Montes Nerey.

Montes Nerey is vice-coordinator of the Democratic Christian Movement of Cuba.

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t stop”

  1. I think we need to set up a way to send dissidents and their families cameras for them to take pictures/ film these ratas doing these things.

    Then we get the pictures/ films, post them on hte internet and tell them that when the time comes and castro is no longer in power they will be prosecuted and jailed.

    and then, let’s hope that justice comes to these idiots.

    I know some people are of the opinion that “we should forgive and forget” and that the nation needs to “heal” but not me. Too much damage has been done, too many cases of abuse, too many lives destroyed…. these people need to pay for what they have done through out all these years.

  2. Amen, Nurian!
    These abuses, each and every one of them, should be fully documented, so when the day comes, the guilty ones can have their day in court.
    If they can find a defense attorney…!
    Y la historia –ni nadie m’as– NO los absolver’a!

  3. Oh no! Someone threw a 6 pound weight on their roof! Oh the horror! That’s a terrorist act if I ever heard of one. I wonder what’s next egging their house or toilet papering their lawn? Get some perspective people.

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