Oh, for fuck’s sake III

This just in to the What-The-Fuck department:


unfortunately when you’re not writing about yourself, you’re cutting and pasting, or repeating leftist propaganda from every possible source in the universe. Either you are the most stupid of Fidel Castro’s enemies, or you are one of his most devoted sympathizers.

Today I’m voting with my feet and going somewhere else where the blogger shows a better sense of direction.

Good luck,

Marcial Villarriego

Le ronca los cojones. Sometimes, I swear, I just wanna fucking quit this blogging shit.

Let me ask you, Marcial, what the fuck have YOU done for the cause lately?


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  1. You have a lot of nerve, writing about yourself.

    What is this guy, the blog police?

    You’re never going to make everyone happy, so relax. This isn’t the kind of reader you want. Sounds like a cranky alcoholic to me.

  2. as one who agrees with the goal (remove castro) but disagrees with the approach (at times), this time, i gotta say, what the fuck is right.. i have no idea what the griping was about…

  3. Val,
    Please refrain from allowing the comments of this perfect “insensato” (who in fact, who knows, may even be worse than that!) dissuade you from your mission at Babalublog.
    This person exposes himself as a complete fool, because he refuses to see the plain truth that someone has to expose the barrage of plain ole bullshit and lies coming out of the Cuban government –and their stool pigeons, useful fools or traveling companions– for what it is.
    And offering a dissenting voice that no one in Cuba can advance without risking their physical and mental health, as well as their freedom.
    So let Marcial vote with his feet –something that, by the way, he would be unable to do were he living in Cuba today. Much less go “somewhere” else for differing points of view.
    Good riddance to you, Marcial.
    And good luck to you, too, Marcial, because God knows you will need it, fool.

  4. Marcial, what a pity you inspire….
    Val, don’t worry, this guy sounds like a brat in need of attention, with a very low self esteem and sexual identity problems. Let him be. He is miserable as he is….

  5. Val, I agree with Julio. Part of disseminating the truth has to do with being aware of the lies being published, do they can be debunked. Fan of the philosopher Popper, we have a duty to falsify theories!!! Let him walk to where the heck he wants to go. Besides, blogs are diaries, you are entitled to write about yourself…personally, you make my day every day, and crack me up (and sometimes add a lot of nostalgia) with your personal stories.

  6. So here we have a troll who writes a note to Val that is classic in its disinformation content. Let’s analyze it section by section, shall we?

    [U]nfortunately when you’re not writing about yourself

    Marcial, I hate to send a bulletin to you out there at the State Hospital but that’s what blogs are supposed to be. A weblog is for the writer to post whatever the fuck he or she wants to write about. That’s how it is.

    [Y]ou’re cutting and pasting, or repeating leftist propaganda from every possible source in the universe.

    When we do it is to highlight the amazing bias of the press in favor of fidel. If you cannot understand that then it’s time to increase your thorazine drip.

    Either you are the most stupid of [f]idel [c]astro’s enemies, or you are one of his most devoted sympathizers.

    This is the part I like most. OK, so let’s examine your choices. Val is the most stupid of fidel’s enemies. How is he stupid? By having a blog — that has spawned dozens of others — that on a daily basis calls to the attention of the American public the evil of fidel’s regime? On the other hand, and this is the clincher, Val is now a deep mole doing all of this because he is a devoted sympathizer.

    You’re trying a little too hard to make this point, which is why I think that calling someone a castro sympathizer is the quickest way to diminish his effectiveness in combatting fidel. Unfortunately, it ain’t going to work. You are the one that sounds like the classic disinformation agent.

    Today I’m voting with my feet and going somewhere else where the blogger shows a better sense of direction.

    May I direct you to The Daily Kos or DemocraticUnderground; you may find like-minded folks there.

    Don’t let the door slam your ass on your way out.

  7. This type of crap get the Brooklyn in me going. On my block that kind of talk was a fight. Unless the jerk was retarded or something which George has already pointed out seems to apply here. So Val, don’t let this “son of the grand whore” (I love all those Cuba sayings translated into english) get to you. You are making a difference as demonstrated by the very fact that this asshole attempts to call you a castro sympathizer. The more I think about that the more I want to piss my pants laughing. Val,….. a castro sympathizer…… Excuse me, I need to go change my underwear.

  8. Simplemente un PERFECTO COMEMIERDA. Asi que ni le presten atencion. Que se vaya a dar las nalgas por ahi!

    Sorry, I’m in “solar” – and nothing to do with sunshine – mode today.

  9. Babalu cheer cheer!!. Don’t waste your time getting mad, no vale a pena! Parece que Marcial en el weekend no la vio pasar, esta fustrado. Oye Marcial no te metas con Babalu, que yo soy china y del barrio chino de cuba, y si me pongo pa’ti, no hay nada mas malo que tener un chino atras. Babalu Cheerleader.

  10. LOL, and Way To Go George! Well said, and far too kind to the defective.

    Val, don’t let the castro whores get you down. Besides, they are just jealous of the life you lead…


  11. Val,
    You don’t know how much I appreciate Babalu Blog … I really enjoy it! We live in a great country and we often take for granted “our freedoms”

    We must not pay too much attention and waste energy reacting to Marcial’s comments. These are a direct result of his lack of understanding of the nature of blogs. Remember that he stated that he was voting with “his feet” and going somewhere else … well … his feet have nothing to do with “surfing the net” … so he might still be reading these comments and thus realizing that he could have done better … No matter what you post here, there will always be those who will find a way to critize Babalu … but please don’t forget that the criticism is their problem, not Babalu’s. Don’t give power to your critics by addressing them; don’t allow the criticism to get to you … I know it’s easier said than done, but … that’s exactly what they want. Keep in mind that when you are being criticized, it means that you are making a difference … don’t let criticism deter you from what you are doing … and doing so well! let this criticism stimulate you to move forward with your mission!
    “You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry.” -NJ

    “Gracias por mantenernos bien informados de las cosas que nos incumben.” – 🙂 Melek

  12. Val…why do you even waste your time giving this Marcial ass hole time on your blog?? PLEZZZZZZEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
    Who needs the stress?? and If I were you, I would take his comments as a compliment:
    A) the guy is obviously jelaous of YOU!
    B) He wants to be BABALU and CAN’T!!!
    So..my suggestion is this:
    Marcial…if you are reading…I guess you have figured out the “We” at Babalu don’t give a SHIT about your verbal diarreah, so take your Che Guevara T Shirt and wipe yourself with it! and if you continue to be a bad boy….I guess we will have to give you so’ mo’ of our own “Purgante”!!

  13. Keep it going Val. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

    Marical, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

  14. I’m convinced that there are two kinds of people in this world: doers and critics.

    Doer’s act because they believe in something and are compelled to act, even if it means learning how to better act along the way.

    Critics sit on the sidelines thinking they can do better, but lack faith. And so out of anger, they don’t DO anything but use words to put down others in order to feel somewhat important.

    As we all know actions speak louder than words.

    You know where you stand and you know what you’ve done, and after reading Marcial’s comments we know where this mojon stands and what this mojon hasn’t done.

    Limpate tu culo con este mongolico y sigues adelante.

    castro succeeds by standing on idiots like Marcial. Don’t give castro, and Marcial for that matter, this attention.

    Cagate en el co?o de su madre y ya.

  15. Val,

    You are our leader and inspiration, you show it by your dedication to truth concerning Cuba and exposing the absurdity of the commies. I really admire you because you have been doing this for some time and you get dumb ass remarks like Marcial’s and still blog away. Heck, I have only been blogging several months and i get pissed off with all the hate and stupid remarks directed at me. Do not get frustrated we are behind you brother, you are a doer and you stand up for what you believe in!!!

    God bless,

  16. Ok, I do not know what the fuck this guy was rambling about but I do know that Val’s work, dedication,inspiration and talents are greatly appreciated by me and many of my friends. Val demostrates exactly what is so good about humanity and why I am proud to be a Cuban-American. Plus after having met his wife, anyone who was able to get her to marry him can’t be too bad. Good health to you my friend and may you continue with this blog for as long as it may be needed.

  17. Val,

    You’ve already gotten wonderful counsel from others to wipe this jerk off your memory banks, and carry on, which I second.

    But let me tell you that this kind of feedback can only happen when you’ve crested from minor blogger to major blogger — so congrats, mijito!

    The glass ceiling has been broken.

    The type of irritation you’ve shown, however, and even disgust with blogging is something which hits every blogger once.

    When it happens it’s brutal (so I’ve been told, I haven’t hit that particular wall yet).

    Just remember, Steven Den Beste, a blogging pioneer legend, also tired of these negative vibes from losers, despite the fact that he knows full well he had STACKS of emails in support.

    He left Blogosphere for a while, albeit in his case, he has a degenerative disease which “helped” me along.

    Don’t let that be you.

    You have a great voice. The dissemination of your ideas is priceless to so many people, including me.

    Keep soldiering on, like a Marti in Blogosphere.

    Coraje, Val! Que estamos contigo.


  18. Boy that guy must be one serious right wing nutjob!
    I guess all your attempts to appease the far right have been for not and they are abandoning you. Poor Val.

  19. Madtom,

    This is the kind of shit that has always and will always keep you off my blogroll, despite your feelings for Cuba. I dont go to your house and disrespect it, do I?

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