Noche Buena preparations

I know you all are on pins and needles about our Noche Buena celebration and its preparations, so Ill be filling you all in as we go along.

I gotta say that usually we’re a little further along in the process by this time, but Wilma tossed us for a loop. No power for two weeks plus major yard work and all that, and then Thanksgiving kind of sneaked right up on us. And December starts tomorrow already.

But fret not, dear readers, everything is under control, for today we have taken our first step in the most important of all Noche Buena preparations. Separamos el lechon. Today we ordered the pig.

Now, usually, we take a head count to see how many guests we’re having and then multiply that number by two pounds per person. But it’s late in the game and we have yet to send out invitations, much less get any RSVPs.

So I made a lechonero executive decision. We will be cooking a whole, 150 lb monster of a pig this year.

One hundred, fifty pounds of roast pig, Cuban style.

Oh, yes. I can smell the mojo already.

15 thoughts on “Noche Buena preparations”

  1. Co?o que RRRRRRIIIIIIICO. Para el dia de pavo hice una pierna de puerco asada. Pero its never the same as a whole freaking Lechon. I can’t wait to go home for vacation man, I’m sure mi Tio’s buying the porker now.

    Nothing says Noche Buena, like Yuca, Lechon, y Congri. Of course Vi?a 25 helps, as does several rounds of post-dinner beers.

  2. Hog on Layaway

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  3. You just made me so hungry… small shoulder picnic (paleta) pales in comparison – then again it’s only four of us. What I would give to be fortunate enough to go to your house….pero ni modo, I’m 1,431 miles away…….Enjoy the prep Val, for me it’s one of the best parts of the holidays!

  4. Me too! Me too! Me too!!!
    For the headcount, I mean…
    How I wish I lived closer to Florida, but the sad fact is that, this year, I can’t afford to travel much farther from Maryland than to Northern Virginia.
    Were I any closer to Miami, I would risk it all and head south to “pegarle la gorra” to the Prieto Family.
    Oh, well. As’i es la vida! Maybe next year… unless through the grace of God we get the chance to celebrate Nochebuena in Bayamo… and elsewhere on the island.
    Health and happiness to all in these holidays, and a very Merry Christmas to those who remember this somewhat neglected –and politically correctized– celebration.

  5. Steve, my order is for the delicious wheat beer I tried at the Magnepan auditions. As for cleaning the pig, I dated her a long time ago…

    (Ladies, it’s just a joke, OK?)

  6. I absolutely have to link you to my blog. I routinely write about Cuba on my site and have done so since March 2005. Most posts are buried in archives and I have gotten some wicked responses by lefties who continue to give ‘The Beard’ a pass on his ‘glorious revolution.’ You all have a great site here and I will gladly link to it. Que Dios Bendiga!

  7. as delicious as that sounds, I still think that the little lechons are tastier. but then you’d have to roast 10-15 of them….

    post pictures and send us some chicharrones…

  8. Oye Val, ahora t? me vas a hacer desear que me vaya pa? Puerto Rico, para comerme un buen pedazo de lech?n asado, arroz con gandules, coquito, tembleque, arroz con dulce… ?C@^#/$%!

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