A Message to Cuban-American VOTERS

In a few weeks, on the 27th of December to be exact, the “ladies” of Code Pink will be traveling to Cuba to “dance salsa, drink mojitos, and visit beautiful beaches” while the people of Cuba still lack the most basic of human rights and suffer the detriment to their dignity for being second class citizens in their own country. (For more info on Code Pink’s complicity in Cuba’s Tourism Apartheid, read this.)

Taking this into account, I urge you all, come next election time, to remember the following photograph of Howard Dean, the Democratic Party Chairman, when members of said party come round making promises for the Cuban people in exchange for your votes:


Photo via Michelle Malkin.

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    Scott Ott pens the defeatist DNC chair’s Christmas theme song: “We’ll Retreat ‘fore Christmas.” Ed Morrissey nails Dean and the MSM. Tom Maguire comments on Dean and Dems in disarray. Dafydd at Big Lizards tracks Dean’s descent into crackpottery. ***…

  2. And be sure to email US Customs and remind them to vigorously question returnees on flights from Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas about their vacation activities.

    Also call the contacts below, provided on Val’s post of October 21:

    Compliance Hotline (202) 622-2490
    Licensing Division (202) 622-2480
    Cuban Violation Hotline – OFAC Miami (305) 810-5170
    OFAC Fax-on-Demand Service (202) 622-0077

  3. no need to worry about me forgetting; I think we need to save the picture for possible counterpolitics in the future

  4. Code Pink received a “Cease and Desist” Order from OFAC, and they are obeying it. The trip is not happening.

  5. Val, please visit my blog to read some great news from Cuba. The first is a student protest in Matanzas ( donde los estudiantes estaban cantando “Nuestro Dia Ya Viene Llegando”, de Willy Chirino) and the second is a poll ( imaginate comos estar?an los castristas del mundo si sab?n de esto!)

    Also, I’ve just heard from Darsi Ferrer, the Cuban freeedom fighter who is the founder of the Centro de Salud y Derechos Humanos, afiliado a la Asablea Para Promover la Sociedad Civil.

    El fue citado por la policia politica en su casa y le dijeron that he had to go to a police station el pasado domingo. He went there, pero por suerte los policias no lograron lo que buscaban. No eschuch? por ?l hacia el domingo y pensaba que fue caido preso.

    No esi as? y he has continued the Center’s activities. Here’s what he wrote:

    Hola amigos:

    Ante todo agradecer los mensajes de solidaridad y aliento recibidos de parte de Uds., vuestra amistad nos brinda la fuerza necesaria para mantener nuestro compromiso con la noble causa de la libertad, la democracia, la justicia y el progreso de nuestra querida Naci?n.

    El d?a de la citaci?n, en la Unidad de la Polic?a, no me atendieron. El oficial de guardia (sub-teniente Ram?rez) no conoc?a al Capit?n ?guila, seg?n expres? no trabajaba all?. Estuve esperando desde las 10:20 am hasta las 12:05 pm, hora en la que el oficial me dijo que me fuera y esperara en la casa otra citaci?n.

    Lamento no haber podido comunicarme antes pero hemos estado realizando diversas actividades en el Centro de Salud y DDHH, de las que posteriormente los pondremos al tanto.

    If you want to contact him, let me know so that I’ll forward you his email address

  6. Which toilet do we drink out of? A few months back we had the post about the Republican party not doing all they could, I cant remember specifics, but it had to do with a Republican running uncontested, so they werent pandering (for lack of a better word) to the Cuban vote (Val refresh our memories here). Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. To quote Kent Brockman, “When will people ever learn, democracy doesn’t work.” 😉

  7. Daniel,

    Yes, I wrote a post about Republicans not doing all they could do. And while I do have certain issues with the republican party and this administration, I will NEVER, EVER place my vote with any party affiliated with the extreme left, socialists, communists, organizations like MoveOn and Code Pink, Wolrd Workers Party, etc…

    As it is right now, the Democratic party has been so infiltrated with so many radicals and extremists that they may very well never recover.

  8. nonono i didnt mean to suggest you (or anyone) would vote dems (or republican for that matter).. back on the previous thread(it had to do with the repeal of dry/wet foot) and how if the current administration let it happen, it ended with cubans have long memories, and repurcussions could be felt come election time.. if it were to happen, its a tough spot, back to my original comment, which toilet do you choose to drink out of.. its a chooice no one would want to face (again, IF it were repealed, which doesnt seem likely)

  9. Well, considering the way the Democrats have been digging themsleves into a hole, and considering the fact that no Cuban appreciates the wet foot dry foot policy, dont you think it would behoove the Dems to repeal that policy that they themselves put in place, if only to garner votes?

    One of the two parties is going to have to do it sooner or later. Question is, which one needs to suck up more?

    As for drinking toilet water, I dont know. While Im not 100% happy with the GOP, I certainly wouldnt consider it drinking toilet water. The Dem party, on the other hand, is a totally different bowl. I guess you could characterize it this way: the GOP is a toilet with a 50 gpm , rapid flush capacity, while the Dem is but a portapotty at a concert ala Woodstock.

    Which would you rather drink from?

  10. Thanks for painting that word-picture, Val. I’ll never look at a Port-a-Potty the same way again…

  11. To me, this toilet metaphor is really funny, because where I grew up, they pronounce [party] like [potty], as in the Democratic Potty – or, for that matter, the communist potty. So in communist countries, when kids are forced to go to summer indoctrination camps, it’s like potty training.

  12. Port-A-Potties go very well with the symbol of the Demokratik Partei – wouldn’t you park your ASS in a Port-A-Potty??

    Maybe the Dems should consider replacing the ASS with a PINK ELEPHANT…Teddy might even approve. However, that’s an unBEARable thought.

  13. Howard Dean Surrenders

    he chairman’s moonbat status was cemented at the Democratic National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend when he endorsed Code Pink, a communist front group of apologists for autocratic dictators.

  14. Just sent a copy of this info to my New Jersey and Miami posse. It’ll get around con la velocidad de un peo.

  15. LMAO. Port-a-potties, man not only does it change the way I look at them, but give’s a WHOLE new meaning to the phrase: “me cago en ti.”

    Like all democrats Dean’s an idiot. And yes this is almost enough to make me want to vote 2008 -I think it WILL be enough if Condi’s on the ballot either as President or VP. And I’m glad to hear that Code Pinko is down, heck even port-a-potties get plugged when it gets too full of its own crap.

  16. Right now my brain is working overtime trying to replace that “lovely” scream from the last presidential elections with this elocuent image.

    And I’m only voting democrat if Zel Miller is running…and then again he has too much class and would never do something like that-

  17. Howard Dean

    Have I ever mentioned that I really really hate this guy?

    To my shame, we may actually be related. (My great-great-great-grandmother was named Laura Dean, it’s …

  18. Don’t forget Indonesia’s invasion massacre at East Timor… with President Ford’s and Kissinger’s LITERAL blessing.

    You people seem to forget that the communists aren’t the only ones whom have created atrocities in the world. *cough* Pinochet *cough* We need to fight abuses of power wherever they may be.

  19. Dear Cuban Americans

    Is it true you vote in general for Republicans?
    That you support George W. Bush?

    I don’t understand this. He is so corrupt and
    destructive. Under his rule and that of the
    Republicans, it seems the USA is developing
    traits similar to those you dislike in Cuba.

    If you support freedom, how can you support
    George W. Bush? Or is it all just about real estate?

  20. Dear Cuban Americans

    Is it true you vote in general for Republicans?
    That you support George W. Bush?

    I don’t understand this. He is so corrupt and
    destructive. Under his rule and that of the
    Republicans, it seems the USA is developing
    traits similar to those you dislike in Cuba.

    If you support freedom, how can you support
    George W. Bush? Or is it all just about real estate?

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