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From the Code Pink Yellow website:

Dear Friends,

We have some bad news to relay about the Cuba trip. We knew that this trip was a challenge to the Bush administration?s restrictions on travel to the island.

However, we had anticipated that, as in the past, the government would either let us come and go without incident, or would send us a letter after we returned. Instead, we?CODEPINK, Global Exchange, and some of the participants?have already received ominous letters from the Treasury Department, calling on us to ?cease and desist? our plans for the trip, demanding the names of all the people who had signed up, and threatening us with a million dollar fine and ten years in jail.

When some individual participants received these letters, they canceled their plans?leaving us without the ?safety in numbers.? And while our organizations are willing to fight the government on this (Global Exchange has been fighting the travel restrictions for 15 years!), we feel that right we are too overloaded with other efforts, such as stopping the war in Iraq, to take on a prolonged legal battle right now.

In a backwards move that would make even che proud, the pink ladies have shown their true castroite color. Threatened with a big fat fine, jail time, and-this is my favorite, no crowd of willing dupes for company, they have cancelled the trip to Cuba. Why? Because they are too busy stopping the war in Iraq right now! Well, hell, we can’t expect them to risk all that money and real jail time for castro when there’s a war to stop, now can we? Maybe they’ll take their high principled selves to Iraq, say Fallujah?

Read the back pedaling here.

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  1. Yes Nurian – After all, they do have a war effort to undermine and an enemy of humanity that needs their help on the home front.

  2. Friends,
    I am not 100% on board with the Bush administration and like most of us, I am fed up with the wet foot/dry foot crap.
    But I shudder to think what we would have in place had we have a liberal democrat in power now, such as Kerry. I think code-yellow would likely have had the governments blessing in visiting Fidel.

  3. The Pentagon oughta offer to outfit them with pink Humvees (unarmored) and let them go on a fact-finding mission to Anbar province – sell it as an opportunity to experience an “explosive traveling experience.” And let them worry about picking up the pieces.

    Que pena me da su caso.

  4. What a sad, sad bunch of Fellow Travelers.
    When the day of Cuba’s liberation comes, and all the revelations about the hellish existence on the island over the past 46+ years start to circulate (I imagine that the MSM won’t be able to ignore the situation any more by then!), these Pink Hags will probably offer a meek “Sorry, we didn’t know…”
    Blind fools, those of use outside Cuba tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen. It’s a case of “Nadie Escuchaba” once again.
    We should ship them all to Fallujah, so they can try to spread their “message of peace” over there.

  5. Wonderful news to start the day with – code pink son unas comemierdas ecologicas (son comemierdas por naturaleza)

  6. So … they are too busy trying to stop the war in Iraq … sure … by undermining our efforts and our troops’ morale … they are more “RED” than anything else … it’s interesting to see the list of other travel options listed in their site as alternatives to the trip to Cuba … now that they won’t be travelling to Cuba, they might just have to dance “solas”, eat “mojitos” and visit fellow “beaches” … it’s incredible that some people can’t discern the true nature of these groups when they all “blend” together to fight a “cause” … I wonder if fidel will refund the deposit on the trip … not!!

    Why waste your time in travel to Cuba when you have other things in your agenda like trying to stop the war??
    I say..Pink Code…get your helmets on and go to IRAQ NOW..>and please DON”T COME BACK!

  8. I heard these harridans don’t shave their arm pits and use under arm deorderants. I wonder how they would feel if they had to be married to a member of the Taliban.

    My mom would call these chicks:
    Tipas cabronas tortilleras!

  9. This is great news!!! As said I think we all should feel a sense of accomplishment, as we managed to show what strength in number can do, as well as what we can do when we work together.

  10. And so when you will protest against Venezuelan Isa Dobles,from show Isa da la hora in Cubavisi?n,this scum appears in many radiostations and newspapers in latin america,even in hispanic media in USA?.

  11. I second what J. Scott said. Thanks to the Babaluians, Kathleen at Blog for Cuba, and the whole network of Cuban truth-spreaders, the Code Pinkos were delivered a healthy slap!

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