8 thoughts on “Sheesh…Mira que habla mierda el tipo…”

  1. I don’t know but this is as long as his speeches…Dr.???? President???? what the f???? Sometimes I wonder if he is aware ‘Granma’ is popular for Abuela in English. That’s his revolution, old……….

  2. These are all lies that castro speaks – a revolution based on a lie!

    “in the fight to the death against the oppressors who tortured and murdered tens of thousands of Cubans and drained the nation’s monetary reserves.”

    What the fcuk is this guy speaking about? Is he speaking about himand his cronies?

  3. Did you catch the “Free Mumia” link at the end of the speech? And just to clarify, No, I didn’t read it. I just wanted to see how many pages of bullshit it would fill up…

  4. Break out the shovels! The babblin’ barba needs to have its mouth circumcised.

    “Free Mumia?” Is that some grotesque toy that comes in a cereal box?

  5. i missed the free mumia thing….nice, let’s free a black militant of the black panthers, are they the one’s publishing this bullshit?

  6. Considering that the the International Action Center, founded by that well-known fellow-traveler Ramsey Clark, is comprised of devotees of Communism, I would suspect their appetite for Beardo’s excretions is insatiable.

  7. Let’s hope that they hang Saddam just in time so that Ramsey Clark can move on to Cuba to “defend” the Beast on trial.

    La historia no le absolvera

  8. Here’s hoping Ramsey will have a BLAST in Baghdad! What would we call that? The Accidental Tourist? He and Saddam fit together well – a study in Sadda-masochism, as practiced by sinister, traitorous looncakes.

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