Oscar Elias Biscet

I’m ashamed that I didn’t remember this. Juan Paxety posted this on his blog yesterday:

A Sad Third Anniversary

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yesterday [December 6] marked the third anniversary of the imprisonment in Cuba of Dr.Oscar Elias Biscet, a Christian human rights activist. BosNewsLife reports:

In a statement to BosNewsLife, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said it has received reports that “Dr. Biscet’s health continued to worsen as the authorities at the Combinado del Este Prison, where he is currently being held, placed harsher restrictions on the human rights defender.”

Dr. Biscet, 44, “suffers from hypertension, chronic gastritis, and high cholesterol [and] has not been able to receive the food items his family brings him,” said his wife Elsa Morejon Hernandez, and his parents, Hilda G. Gonzalez Alvarez and Luis N. Biscet Cadet in an earlier letter published by BosNewsLife.

Dr. Biscet was thrown into maximum security because he refused to wear the uniform of a common prisoner. His family says the Cuban authorities refuse to give him the food and personal items they bring to the prison.

He was locked up in 2002 because he held meetings to discuss “Friends of Human Rights” groups he wanted to establish. His imprisonment came just one month after he had completed a three-year term.

Dr. Biscet is black, and while we have seen various African-American groups in individuals make public announcements in support of various black people imprisoned in the U.S., no one is protesting the imprisonment of Dr. Biscet. Bruce Gordon, president of the NAACP, for instance, is stumping through California supporting Stanley Tookie Williams – a man convicted of four murders and scheduled to be executed.. Williams is also the founder of the LA gang, the Crips. Gordon points to the books Williams has written and says Williams is now a force helping kids stay out of gangs.

Without arguing whether Gordon is right or wrong about Williams, shouldn’t Gordon be stumping for Biscet?

Tookie Williams or Oscar Biscet? Which one represents the values of this country more?

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