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  1. This is good. It reminds me of the “meet Willie Horton” spot. That ad finished Dukakis’ hopes to ever be president.
    Glad to see the Republicans finding some backbone.

  2. Oh! That is short and to the point… and right on target. Retreat and Defeat … it does pretty much sum up what they all say, doesn’t it?

  3. Folks,
    Isn’t there a law in the books about giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war?
    Some sort of Seditious Act or Treason at the Wrong Time, or whatever?
    I think the Bush Administration ought to start indicting some people under it.
    I would dearly love to know how many folks are turning in their Democratic Party registrations in favor of something else –anything else– in light of this cowardice. Or treason, more than likely.
    The Democrats will find what a heavy price Howard Dean’s “anomalies” will make them pay in the 2006 and 2008 elections. I promise you that.

  4. This is low key, frankly. It oculd have been much stronger.
    Is there a way to contribute money to get it wider play?
    the next ad should have someone reading the democrat’s speaches and the Al Qaeda messages and seeing if people can tell the difference.
    Ads like this should play nationwide.
    The dems have lied and helped the enemy long enough.

  5. Senator Lieberman stated recently that if the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, the war will spill to its neighbors (i.e. Israel).
    Israel had previously bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor and during the Gulf War, Iraq fired more than 40 Scud missiles into Israel. This was the first time that Israelis had been killed in their own country during wartime by an enemy.
    The Bush Administration has never revealed what reliable foreign intelligence (Mossad?) told them that there were WMDs in Iraq.
    The U.S. did Israel a great favor by getting rid of their worst enemy, Saddam Hussein. They did not have to spill a drop of blood or spend a sheqel to obtain this.
    The removal of Saddam Hussein has made Israel the strongest military nation in the Middle East. Their nuclear program had produced 200 nuclear bombs twenty years ago. It is estimated that they now have twice that amount.
    Now Israel is threatening with bombing possible nuclear reactors in Iran. Is the U.S. going to get dragged into a war with Iran at Israel’s insistance?
    The Middle East conflict will not be resolved until Israel settles the Palestinian question and that of East Jerusalem. It will remove the biggest issue tht motivates Muslim religious extremism.

  6. It looks like the “pubbies” are finally starting to fight back…

    mas vale tarde que nunca I guess- this is great-

  7. It’s about time. I only wish I had the technical knowledge to put it up on my blog too (with proper attribution, of course). This message needs to get out there!

  8. Wow, I just learned something new. Hope you don’t mind my using this clip on my blog for the benefit of all my readers…all 3 of them 😉

  9. Yeah, as a Cuban American I have to say, awesome, I love oil wars. Sadam should have watched out before he built all those weapons of mass destruction. Awesome, let the death toll rise! War is the best way to solve problems.

    PS: I know as a Cuban, it is my “duty” to be Republican, like it is a African-American’s “duty” to be a Democrat, but I can’t be in support of a war that is achieving nothing. I guess we should have stayed in Vietnam to get the job done as well. To all Cuban-Americans, don’t be afraid to step out of the box, out of that Miami bubble, theres a lot to see in this world and it’s a shame that so many of us are so closed. What America is saying is, “we know this war is going to achieve nothing, so why loose more troops”. We don’t suffer, they do.

  10. The Irak/qies are free

    They are not being tortured

    No more rapes

    No more mass murders

    They can say what they think

    They voted!!! by the millions!

    Women are now going to school (imagine that!)

    Clean water, food-

    A democratic country in the heart of the middle east.

    and best of all, a murderer in prision will soon pay for his crimes…

    You’re right…nothing has been achieved…nothing that fits your agenda… you want america to lose the war just because you want Bush and republicans to look bad. WOW!! some noble intentions you have and nice causes you choose to defend!!!

    You’re such a nice and sensitive guy that cares about humanity and the suffering and want peace for the whole universe!

    Let go of that tree and get real-

  11. I want America to focus on America.

    Less jobs

    Higher gas rates

    More job cuts

    A suffering economy

    More tax cuts for the rich

    Keep watching Fox news, and when your done read whats really going on in the world, http://www.bbc.co.uk

  12. Listen, I didn’t post on this to upset anyone, or protest against Bush or anything. This blog obviously has its followers and I’m not going to change anyone’s views. However, I simply wanted young cuban-americans to know that they don’t have to be Republican to be Cuban. If they listen to the issues and make an educated decision about their view on politics, then fine, but I know a lot of us feel intimidated by our parents and grandparents to be Republican, because if your not Republican then your some kind of communist. I wanted cuban youth to know its not shameful to think liberaly and your not being a communist if you choose to stand with the democrats. Thats the way our parents and family make us feel.

  13. sorry alex, I didn;t know you were a college student… don’t worry…you’ll grow out of it.

    One day you’ll go out in the real world and see that your college professor is not all that right about things.

    You want to focus on America? I thought we were talking about the war in Iraq! Sorry to point out the achivements to you, but at least now you know what we have been doing, and if you exercise moral honesty, you would admit we are doing the right (and a good) thing there.

    And I am not a Republican….(hell no, I’m not a Democrat!!!) but I do LOVE america, and I cannot imagine what this world would be like without it.

    And by the way:

    *We have more jobs (check on unemployment rates, will ya)

    *”High” gas prices are not Bush’s fault, but a result of the economy- supply and demand ..I’m sure you’ve heard of it…si no, llegate por la catedra de economia when in campus.

    Also: we need to be more self-sufficient when it comes to energy…that means disturbing “the environment”- if you are going to blame anybody, turn to your fellow greenies.

    *more job openings: and while we are on the subject. It is not the government responsibility to garantee you or anybody else a job. If you lose your job it is your responsibility to find another…if your skills are not in high demand, learn something else and change careers…. if not, open your own business and work hard…think of something…create…

    *while you are checking on unemployment rates, check on economy growth. The economy is not suffering…even if you repeat it a thousand times.

    *and you did save the best for last: “tax cuts for the rich”


    The rich pay more taxes than anybody in this country…

  14. “On 1 December 2005, it put the total number of civilian dead at between 25,685 and 29,201 and the number of police dead at 1,640.”
    “On 12 December, US President George W Bush said about 30,000 Iraqis had been killed since the war began.”

    Thats all I’ll ever need to know about the war. Thats – civilians –

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