2005 Wizbang Weblog Awards

The internet era, now past fifteen years in existence, has witnessed an explosion of information available to virtually everyone. Never before in the history of man has information been available with such convenience, speed, quantity — and sometimes quality. While real research has to start with good old-fashioned books and original source materials, the world wide web is invaluable to anyone who wants to start to research virtually any topic. The Internet is the greatest invention since Gutenberg’s first printing press — American bourbon and Guinness, notwithstanding.

The blog — a shortening of “weblog” — has become one of the more powerful tools available to anyone with an Internet connection. For no cost, a blog can be created where someone can express their opinion on any subject, literally. The greatest attraction for most, I presume, is the lack of editorial control, the ability to write any way you want without the interference of a “well-meaning” editor who knows better than you.

A great sign of the times we live in is the prevalence of this marvelous tool. Bloggers write, pontificate, opine, and report on anything and everything. We mainly do it for the fun, but we can also make a difference if we try. The top five blogs in the 2005 Wizbang Weblog Awards for Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog listed below have demonstrated just that — and the world is a better place for it.

Two Venezuelan websites, chronicling the disintegration of that country under the conniving castro clone, won 1st and 2nd Place. Hearty and heartfelt congratulations go out to them. In 3rd place, The Real Cuba: a website that is truly doing God’s work by exposing the truth about the islita where I (and Val) were born. Jorge, you deserve the honor for sticking with it and sticking it to them — and you know who “them” are!

Your humble servants, came in fourth place. Not great, but it doesn’t suck either. Here are the top five Blogs.

  1. The Devil’s Excrement – 28.32% (2343 votes)
  2. Vcrisis – 16.56% (1370 votes)
  3. The Real Cuba – 16.13% (1334 votes)
  4. BabaluBlog – 14.66% (1213 votes)
  5. Latino Issues – 12.43% (1028 votes)

Congratulations, guys and see you next year!

12 thoughts on “2005 Wizbang Weblog Awards”

  1. I think all of you earned a well-deserved pat on the back…don’t know how you do it. No matter how you look at it, lotsa work involved to produce a decent, credible blog.

  2. Thanks George for your nice comments about The Real Cuba.
    We both fought a good fight and should be proud of what we were able to accomplish.
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. All 4 blogs are equally important, so in the end it doesn’t really matter who “won”.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  4. That’s right, congratulations to all the finalists. El orden de los factores no altera el producto, as they used to say in my Ole Country (the order of the factors doesn’t change the final result).
    This “contest” has, and will continue to, bring much-needed public attention to each of these blogs.
    They are all worthwhile. They are worthy of readers visiting them, regularly and often, to obtain information that isn’t available anywhere else.
    Felicitaciones a todos!

  5. A great showing no matter the result. Val should be proud. And as a reader and contributor, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we’re all proud of this blog as well.

  6. Thanks Val, I really thought I had no chance after the first couple of days. What is most imporatnt to me is that this should drive extra traffic to all our sites and help spread the word.

  7. congrats to all you guys that make this site my first visit every day.

    thanks to all for all the hard work. even though you guys enjoy doing this, i am sure that there is alot of work involved.


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