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  1. To paraphrase James Brown, I feel GOOD about it!
    You know I’m all for it.
    You know that Babalublog.com NEEDS to be there at CubaNostalgia 2006.
    Just in case, for those who haven’t checked their calendars, the event is scheduled for Friday, May 19 thru Sunday, May 21, 2006.
    And you know that Babalublog.com will have my complete cooperation.
    The specifics of a plan (lots of details!) will follow, in writing, over the next couple of weeks.

  2. According to their web site, the dates are May 19th to the 21st (Fri, Sat, & Sun). And I already booked a flight on Southwest. So, you better not be kidding about this, Val… ;->

  3. You should become a fixture in that event every year. I went for the first time this passed year and your setup was rocking. (Email to Fidel was a hit.)

  4. Yet *a few other* things to remember, Val, before you make a final decision:
    …the faces of those former political prisoners as they e-mailed their thoughts to the tyrant…
    …the bright eyes of so many of those kids, some of whom asked their parents if they could use “bad language” in their e-mails to a dictator they had never met, while they knew full well that he is a bad person…
    …the multitude of eyes brimming with tears as they watched those movie screens with scenes of their beloved Cuba…
    …the dozens and dozens –and DOZENS– of visitors who sat on your folding chairs and sang along with all those Cuban standards…
    …the mothers who danced with their babies as the Trio Matamoros played in the background…
    ..the pride in your own parents’ eyes as they held on to that steel framework as they watched *streams* of people that you had never met come by and hug you like a lost son, solely on the basis of “everything you do for Cuba”…
    …those gorgeous dark eyes of Mrs. Maggie, standing by your side, as she witnessed an ongoing tide of visitors sitting down to read the latest entry in *your* blog…
    …Maggie’s frequent runs for cafecito, pastelitos, other stuff to keep “the staff” going…
    …George Moneo’s unending laughter and good cheer…
    …your beloved Amanda’s admiration as she thought to herself something like: Man, this Tio of mine is *really* something else…
    …and the admiration of throngs of fellow exiles, some of whom travelled a great distance, at great expense and sacrifice, to be there, just because they read about CubaNostalgia in Babalublog.com…
    Bottom line… you HAVE to be there in 2006, mai fren. You have NO other choice.
    Case closed.
    By the way, will you be needing a photographer in May 2006? I know someone who may be able to come down and snap a few frames for you… very reasonable rates…

  5. Val…
    Were you considering NOT being at Cuba Nostalgia??
    Don’t you realize that every year it will get bigger and bigger??!!
    If you build it….
    they will come….
    I bet 2006 you will need twice the space for your Babalu booth!!

  6. Don’t cry for me, Aman-di-nah….
    Seriously, talk to your Uncle.
    He HAS to be there at CubaNostalgia 2006.
    We all HAVE to be there.
    I’m sure the faithful Babalusians will help us get it done.
    Stay tuned… more stuff…. lots of more stuff… to come on this subject.

  7. Oh… and I forgot one thing, Val,
    …if you are at CubaNostalgia 2006… you just might get to see there… once again… the Man with the Papaya…
    Don’t smirk… after all, fruits are pretty high up in the latest nutritional pyramid…
    Feliz A~no Nuevo, y’all!
    Julio Z

  8. You can’t NOT BE at Cuba Nostalgia in 2006! I was already trying to guess what your theme would be this coming year; wanna go back and visit, and exchange some back-slapping Cuban Abrazos, as in ’05. Maybe I can even lend a (small) hand, as needed.

  9. Val,

    I’ll be happy to help you out. As you know I have a film project that I’m incubating and I think Cuba Nostalgia would be the perfect place to film.

  10. Gentlemen,
    (I beg the ladies’ temporary indulgence on this post!)
    There are plans afoot so that *everyone* who desires to do so, will be able to take a Babalublog.com Rumbera *home with them* from the 2006 edition of CubaNostalgia.
    How so?
    Easy. We have a beautiful 20×30-inch, full-color poster of last year’s Rumbera in preparation (from the same photo that appeared in the Babalublog.com coverage of CubaNostalgia in May 2005 –and you can look it up!).
    In the very near future, I expect to have full details of the proposal in front of Val Prieto for his review and approval.
    And needless to say, we will need the support of the readers of this blog. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for *any* donations. But we will ask you to make a purchase or two.
    Of course, any ladies who wish to obtain copies of this beautiful poster for loved ones at home,
    our soldiers overseas, sons in college dorms, etc. etc. etc., would NOT find any objections from us.
    So please be patient, fellow Babalusians… a lot more information will be available to everyone soon.
    I realize that Val has not made a firm committment to CubaNostalgia 2006 …yet… but I feel it in my bones that… it’s coming. Hopefully, the idea of the poster alone will convince him to go for it.

  11. Val, and you are thinking of not going? Bro, we cannot be silenced NEVER, we have to be public everywhere. I don’t know if I can make it to Miami, but you got my support in anything else. Maybe I can get Mami to go and visit your booth!

  12. You need to be there Val! Do not know if i can make it, but some of my family members go every year. I will tell them to give you a hug and a Cafe Cubano!

  13. I’ve never been to a cuban nostalgia, and I should have an almost-three-month-old baby by then…so I’m not sure if I can go…but if you guys keep me posted, I would love to go.

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