Honors for Bolivians who fought che

…evidentally, the Bolivians are battening down the hatches, passing decrees protecting their heroes, because traitorous che-worshipper, Evo Morales, is blowing into town as Bolivia’s next president.

The parliament has just given job security and well-deserved hero status to the Bolivian soldiers who took care of business when the invading Argentine brigand, che guevara, came calling. It’s the right thing to do for these heroes who saved the world from so much bloodshed and communism.

The EFE story is here:

Bolivians who defeated che given job security

La Paz, Jan 5 (EFE).- The Bolivian former soldiers who defeated the guerrilla movement led by Argentine-born revolutionary ernesto “che” guevara in 1967 have been recognized as heroes of the state and cannot be removed from the public posts they currently hold, authorities said Thursday.

The measure was announced just weeks before the scheduled inauguration of socialist President-elect Evo Morales, an admirer of guevara and to whose party – Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) – belong close relatives of guerrillas who fought alongside the rebel leader in Bolivia.

Lawmaker Carlos Nacif, former chairman of the lower house’s defense committee and one of the sponsors of the legislation, told EFE that the rights granted to these former soldiers were contained in a law that received final approval by the Senate on Wednesday.

guevara led an uprising of a small band of guerrillas in southeastern Bolivia, but was captured on Oct. 8, 1967, in an ambush by the Bolivian army – which received U.S. help – and executed the next day.

According to Nacif, the former army soldiers also requested a lifetime pension, which for the moment was denied because the Finance Ministry lacks the necessary funds.

Instead, the lawmakers guaranteed the ex-soldiers’ permanence in the public posts where they are currently employed.

Nacif added that he did not believe President-elect Morales’ future administration would fail to respect the rights of those who battled the guerrillas.

Two leading MAS members, Senator-elect for La Paz Antonio Peredo and Santa Cruz city counselor Osvaldo Peredo, are brothers of Guido “Inti” and Roberto “Coco” Peredo, who fought alongside guevara.

The members of the new administration “are guevaristas, but they have to recognize the importance of the Bolivians who defended their country in 1967, people who offered up their lives to save us from communism,” Nacif said. EFE ja/mc

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  1. Still, one has to wonder how long it will take “evil moral-less” to build a statue in memory of che in Bolivia. I wonder if it will have hands…

  2. Maybe the Bolivian congress can pass a resolution encouraging moraless to “be like che.” All the way.

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