Let the rationing begin!

Mora has an excellent post up at Publius regarding the recent shortages the Venezuelan people are now facing. I’ve said all along that Venezuela is going to end up exactly like Cuba: poor, oppressed and rationed. What surprises me is how quickly these shortages have begun.

She also links to an AP wire story on coffee shortages and I just cant help but imagine the Venzuelans making their cafe the way the Cubans do: Used grinds and soy, packed tight for that delicious mejunje agua’o.

4 thoughts on “Let the rationing begin!”

  1. Gather your lifejackets, my poor Venezuelan friends!
    Because you have just started to get forcibly immersed in that “sea of happiness” that Cubans have been drowning in for the last 47 years or so. I hope that la Patria de Bolivar can learn from that nefarious experience.
    Food rationing –and other many scarcities, like housing, clothing, decent jobs, electricity, and on and on and on– is only the beginning of the 21st. Socialism.
    May God help us all.

  2. The Wages of Price Controls

    I ran into Publius Pundit’s article while parusing Babalu Blog and found this interesting post. Apparently Uncle Hugo’s economic policies are causing shortages of coffee, meat, and electricity:

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