Sunday Morning Ritual

Pastelitos y croquetas from Tommy’s Bakery on Miller Drive:


Ham croquettes and pastelitos de guayaba, guayaba y queso, queso, jamon, carne and coco.

Oh, yeah baby. Seriously, dont you wish you were me right about now?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Ritual”

  1. Mira que a ti te gusta torturarnos! I used to go to Bon Bon Bakery or to La Rosa to get those delightful goodies. Que envidia!!!!! You are killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Val, from New England, my husband and I would like to send you some place for this torture!!!! How can you do this to us?????

  3. I just had a lousy three mouthfuls of oatmeal for breakfast. That picture killed me, and I am officially dead. Send gifts of food to my *ahem* husband at my home address. Thank you.

  4. Val,

    You are going to have to explain more clearly what are these things. Your visitors entering the site directly from the island may have never seen these delicacies, specifically el refugiado (pastelito de guayaba y queso), wich the product of Cuban-American ingenuity. But I guess it is the embargo that prevents them from getting the queso.

    I believe that your posting is cruel and unusual punishment. You now have created a massive movement of Cuban-Americans (and lovers of their food)going about all over the country in search of croquetas de jam?n. It will take me at least 2 hours to get to my favorite Cuban bakery.

    Thanks a lot compadre. Enjoy!!!

  5. My question to you, Val, is: And what did the rest of the family eat?
    Did you get another box for them?
    Remember your battle with colesterol, man!

  6. Val, you reminded me of a day that 30-plus Japanese (and I mean fresh from Kyoto) executives descended on my company for a very important meeting. In the past, we had tried to offer them food that was Asian in character, and they always declined, or ate very little. This time we said the hell with this, we are getting a big tray of croquettas and pastelitos, and if they leave anything, WE will eat it! Well that was the quiestest meeting ever, because every Japanese mouth was munching away on these delectable treats! They totally cleaned us out!

  7. Freakin thanks a lot, Val — I guess torture is not only for the regime to our south — the Cuban-Americans in Northwest Ohio say prrrrbbbbttttt.

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