Free the Five! Seven!!!

Looks like fidel is going to have to start changing all those web pages for those five “heroes” of the revolution caught spying in the US. Two more have just been busted:

FIU Professor, Wife Accused Of Being Cuban Spies

POSTED: 11:38 am EST January 9, 2006

MIAMI — A college professor and his wife are charged with being long-time illegal agents of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

The Associated Press has learned that Carlos Alvarez, a psychology professor at Florida International University, and his wife, Elsa Alvarez, are charged with acting as an agent of Cuba without registering with the U.S. government as required.

Court documents say the two are scheduled to make an initial court appearance today. An indictment further describing the charges will be unsealed after that court appearance.

Alvarez is identified on the Florida International web site as an associate professor in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department. Elsa Alvarez is described as a coordinator in the social work training program, specializing in psychological treatment, crisis intervention and group psychotherapy.

Alvarez didn’t return two phone messages left at his office. A university spokesman didn’t return several calls.

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  1. TO: President Modesto Maidique
    FROM: John Suarez
    SUBJECT: FIU’s Curious Double Standard

    Throughout the years I have been dismayed at the lack of activism by Cuban and Cuban American students towards the issue of the ongoing tragedy in Cuba. I base this affirmation in the fact that in a student population which is said to be 40% Cuban or Cuban American there have been years in which FIU has had no Cuban organizations. Also,when these organizations have existed they have been marginalized by the University. At first, I thought that the lack of activism was a result of a sort of rebellion on the part of young Cubans from years of being taken to rallies and events related to Cuba. Now, after my experiences at FIU, I realize that I was wrong.

    There has been an ongoing attempt to suppress Hispanic cultural events, and an active encouragement of staff, faculty, and administrators,to discourage students pursuing the goal of a free Cuba. Our organization has existed at FIU since 1994, and a large part of our activities is the distribution of informational fliers. We have conducted campaigns to inform students about prisoners of conscience, Concilio Cubano, and other timely issues via fliers.

    The following are four incidents which have occurred over the past several months. I think these incidents will provide you with the perspective I now have.

    First Incident

    On July 22, 1997 FREE CUBA Foundation was served with papers asserting that we had been in violation of a new University policy which you signed which limited the placing of flyers, posters, and banners inside of classrooms. This new policy cripples our ability to educate the
    student population.

    In addition, Jose Raul Carro, Acting Director of the FREE CUBA Foundation, was alerted that if he didn’t participate in this hearing process on this matter that a judicial hold would be placed on his academic records. Our crime was that I placed approximately 80 fliers throughout the University recalling the massacre on July 13, 1994 of 41 men, women, and children on the tugboat 13 de Marzo.

    At a meeting with Rod Lipscomb I was told that this policy although being enforced now, had existed previously in the Student Organization Council’s handbook, and that as a group and as students we were bound by it. I found the new policy in the handbook, along with two additional ones. The second one requires organizations to receive prior approval of material/media information from an SOC advisor before providing it to the media. The third policy requires that all publicity “…not reflect unfavorably on the University.” We believe that this handbook and these policies are a threat to all students not only student activists and we said so at the time. I am compelled to demand these policies be removed from the handbook and a revision be done on the
    new handbook editions.

    Furthermore, at our hearing we were not told that “several members of the faculty complained of finding fliers stapled and taped to walls rather than cork boards, ” we read about it in the Miami Herald. I found the statements curious considering that I myself posted the fliers and I used thumbtacks. I had neither tape nor stapler. I am bound to ask who these faculty members are that made the complaint.

    Furthermore, it is interesting to me to still find fliers and banners,of politically correct groups such as the “The Victim Advocacy Center”, pasted against walls in the Charles Perry Building inside the classrooms. Did they receive a letter as we did threatening that they could not take classes if they did not attend the hearing process?

    The results of this new policy has had a chilling affect on the FREE CUBA Foundation. We were unable to advertise a torch run from Key West to Miami on August 30, and for the October 4 Cuban Inter-Generational Conference.

    Second Incident

    In reference to another controversy, during the summer of 1997 the FIU Human Rights Action Council came under withering attack. Let me provide you with a little background on the Council. On February 24, 1996 between 3:20pm and 3:28pm two Brothers to the Rescue planes were shot down over international waters by a Cuban MiG. One of the victims Armando Alejandre Jr. was an FIU graduate. In response to this tragedy on February 28, 1996 the Student Government Association voted by a two-thirds majority to form the Human Rights Action Council (HRAC). The FREE CUBA Foundation lobbied for the creation of this Council under the premise that the issue of Cuban human rights would be one of the many issues addressed by it. So as not to have the perception of it being dominated by one organization Sandy Acosta, an FIU student and Amnesty International representative, a second officer Safwan Fahel, from the Muslim Student Association, and Xavier Utset from FCF, were elected by members of the Council. The Council resided in GC331A. The Advisor for the Council is Dr. Haydee Marin, the Nicaraguan Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva.

    HRAC requested funding to bring Milton Castillo of the O.A.S. , Shen Tong of the China Democracy Movement, and national representatives of Amnesty International to train students how to be human rights activists. Funding was initially provided and then taken away by SGA. HRAC went on and co-sponsored international human rights conferences, sponsored the Jean Paul Genie Lecture, and sponsored a Human Rights Fair. It also joined the South Florida Coalition for Human Rights.

    On April 2, 1997 Sandy Acosta was notified by Larry Lunsford via memorandum that she had to relinquish the keys to the office or have
    her registration held if she failed to return the keys at the end of the semester. She returned the keys assuming this was a normal procedure for the end of the semester. When she returned during the summer to reclaim the keys she was told that the locks had been changed and that HRAC no longer had an office. She was told that she could collect HRAC’s materials and supplies at any time. Sandy has left FIU and is now attending American University in Washington DC.

    Since HRAC was formed out of unique and tragic circumstances. News of the events occurring to Sandy and the Council disturbed me and led me to discover that HRAC was to be eliminated without a formal vote by not including it in the bylaws. At the same time that Xavier Utset was holding a press conference announcing the support of several Russian human rights organizations for Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Armando Alonso Romero, HRAC is being terminated.

    Third Incident

    Prior to receiving the notice from Judicial Services we had approached the Student Programming Council chairwoman Bea Fernandez about having the Council sponsor a Cuban “Inter- Generational Encounter” to be held at Florida International University during Hispanic Heritage month. We were requesting funding to hold the event in the Graham Center Ballroom. We were told that if the event had any political overtones that the Student Programming Council could not sponsor it. Although our event was primarily cultural there were strong political themes present in it. We resigned ourselves to not receiving the support from the SPC, and approached the SOC, we filled out the necessary forms, and no one ever responded in either a positive or a negative manner just evasively. Finally, we were able to raise the funds in the community which amounted to $500 dollars enough to pay for the Graham Center Ballroom. Imagine my surprise when I opened the pages of the Beacon this past week to read that the Student Programming Council is presenting Craig Dean to lecture on “Gay Marriage: A Civil Right.” As far as I know Gay marriage is a political issue. Why is it that it is sponsored by SPC? Dr. Alfredo Melgar, a young Cuban medical doctor who arrived 2 years ago, kept commenting throughout our encounters with various representatives of the university in the Graham Center how the hostility and difficulties we
    experienced reminded him of Cuba.

    Fourth Incident

    Xavier Utset had returned from Russia after a successful campaign galvanizing support from several Russian human rights organizations.
    When he tried to reserve the West Wall of the Graham Center to hold a press conference he was told that it would cost 50 dollars. I think it is a violation of the spirit of the first amendment and of the University that a student wishing to exercise his first amendment rights at a public university, out in the open, would be charged for it. Thanks to Ambassador Haydee Marin the press conference was held in the Labor Center, but FIU students were denied the opportunity to learn about the human rights situation in both Cuba and Russia.


    My impression is that Student Activities has been actively discouraging student activism in general and the presence of Cuban organizations and groups that support human rights in Cuba in particular.

    I think this is outrageous at a university in which such a large percentage of the student body is of Cuban or Cuban-American origin.

  2. Are they suppossed to be spying the US or the Cuban groups for anti-Fidel activities? Love the heading Val, he will indeed need to change his webpages. Nothing on Granma yet though, just checked.

  3. I just read that Luis Posada Carriles may be released. This could turn out to be a very bad year for an old tyrant.

  4. so what’s the threshold?
    i coached a women’s soccer team. after a game we went to this girls boyfriend’s apartment she was watching while he “travelled” to cuba.
    he had to get back into detroit by going thru toronto and windsor. his apartment was covered with castro lit and posters. he’s a raving communist lunatic.

    is there any way to neutralize him?

    and then we went to dinner after the lst agme at a sportsbar. I got to sit across from him and hear him start blabbing about sabotaging US war industry.

    when does this cross the line from wannabe college boy fantasy to criminal activity?

    I am starting to get the feeling that we’re about to be spending some time in south america killing marxists..

    china, islam and banana commies. what a glorious collusion!

  5. I worked at FIU back in 1973-76, and during my tenure there, I met a Cuban-American student who played for the university’s baseball team –he was a rigthanded pitcher– named Carlos Alvarez. I know it’s a fairly common Hispanic name, but what would be the chances of the two being one and the same?
    It would be awful hard to believe that that particular young man turned “commie.” Even harder to think of good ole FIU as the playground for spies of the bearded dictator.

  6. FIU is the perfect spot for a Cuban Spy. It has more conservative students than UM or the other Fla. Univs. thanks in part to the large cuban-american student population (which like did, commutes to the school). It’s the old maxim that Vito Coreleone told Michael, always keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Hence the enemy has been amongst us for years. Hell, a Cuban spy infiltraded brothers to the rescue. It bums me out though that one of them infiltraded my school. BUt hell, I was in the school of business….something those schmucks know little of…except of course, ruining them.

  7. Julio: Googling that name is so hard that I found more than one ‘Carlos M Alvarez’ employed in professional positions at just that school alone! It might be the guy you knew, but it might easily not. I only included the ones with the psychology background in my search, the rest I could not confirm.

  8. I always had my doubts about FIU – a few years back 2 characters (a guy named Rick and a chick named Evalyn – they where Miami Cubans) who where involved with John Suarez in the Free Cuba Foundation there tried to hijack my Dr. Biscet website from me. They pretended to be my friends – said they wanted partnership with me, that they wanted to work on all these projects with the site to get Biscet’s name out there and pretty soon they where telling me what to do, bossing me around and asking for passwords and info for the domain names and the site where I hosted the Biscet webpage – no kidding! They even wanted to change the website around even after I put all this hard work of years into it. They where big time FIU folks – graduates still interacting with the school. I basically told them to get lost and ignored them. They went away as fast as they appeared. I always suspected them of being moles. They have dissapered never hearing from them again. The guy Rick has a brother who is a Protestant minister at some Mid Western University who is pro Castro – anti Cuban exile and who takes his students on trips to Cuba!

  9. Mario: that pair sounds like castro agents. Contact your local FBI office, they would probably be receptive to leads. It would be good to see multiple castro agents rolled up at once in the states – can you imagine the impact it would have on castro in his dotage?

  10. Mario,

    That isn’t how I recall the exchange, but it is a pity to be accusing fellow activists of being Cuban agents.

    FCF is still active at FIU and still posting Biscet fliers and getting his name out wherever possible and plugging your website.

    You can search my name and find that I’ve been consistently active, and have had my own run ins with FIU over the years.

  11. Also let me be very clear if I have some sort of “accident” or am harmed in any way by unknown individuals or others claiming to be “anti-Castro”

    I condemn them here and now as agents of the Castro regime.

    They’ve done this before in the 1960s and 1970s and tried to blame it on Exiles but in reality it was usually Castro agents trying to disrupt the opposition.

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