Fontova on Wet Foot/Dry Foot

From Human Events Online:

Statistically speaking, escaping Cuba is deadlier than escaping East Germany used to be. More Cubans die in the attempt. Well, thanks to a policy put into place by president Clinton, (and shamefully left in place) some of the lucky few who make it are now sent back.

I know, I know, we’ve got to control our borders, etc., illegal immigration is out of hand, etc. But just keep this in mind: none of this happened before Castro’s glorious takeover. Indeed in the 50’s more Americans lived in Cuba than Cubans in the U.S. As a percentage of population, Cuba took in more immigrants in the 20th century than any country in the Western hemisphere–and most of these were from Europe. People used to jump on rafts (primarily from Jamaica, Dominican Republic) trying to get INTO Cuba. People used to be as desperate to enter Cuba as they are now to escape. Escapees from Cuba to the U.S. traditionally qualified for treatment under the Refugee Relief Act passed by the Eisenhower Administration to accept refugees from the totalitarian regimes of East Germany, Czecholslovakia and Hungary. Well, Cuba still suffers from such a regime.

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  1. When it comes to coverage of his murderous regime, Castro generally gets a free pass in the American media. So when something like the story of the Seven-Mile-Bridge 15 happens, it gets little play because it is seen as an isolated event, and not part of a larger tragedy. That ignorance cannot be allowed to prevail.

  2. i know that the policy of wet feet/dry feet is very controversial and has been critiziced by many cubans in the US, however, there are things about it that i think should be considered…

    one thing that not too many people remember (or know) about the wet feet/dry feet policy is that the clinton administration (and i am not a fan of clinton in any way) did it to BENEFIT the cubans, not to HARM them…let’s see if i can explain myself:

    after the balsero crisis in the nineties (92 i think), the clinton administration and the cuban government held talks to discuss inmigration issues. in those talks, the cuban government promised not to let another massive migration from cuba to the US and the US promised the 20,000 visas we all know about.

    however, the cuban government also required from the US government that any cuban caught trying to enter the US illegaly be returned to the island. that meant ANY CUBAN CAUGHT trying to enter the US illegaly (presumably even if they had already reached american shores)…

    the wet feet/dry feet is a loophole of the law that the clinton administration used to give the cubans a chance…a compromise if you will…if caught at sea they will be returned, if caught on land they will be allowed to stay.

    of course the whole thing is stupid and probably illegal from any point of view because the american waters are as much american territory as the land, but if the clinton government was to apply the inmigration agreeements to the letter, no cuban would be allowed in.

    is it unfair? yes…is it illogical? yes…is it illegal? maybe…does it hurt cubans? well, that is questionable. if it was not in place, no cuban would have been allowed in, as i already said.

    if that policy is eliminated then the american government would find itself in the position of having to return cubans already on american soil…

    is that a better option?

  3. The better option? Tell el jefe maximo to go f**k himself! Tell him, sure we’ll give them back! Then pick up every brave soul fleeing the island as soon as they reach international waters and if he wants them tell him to come get them!

  4. of course the best option would be that castro would no longer be in the picture, without castro in cuba there wouldn’t be a need for cubans to flee the island on flimsy rafts or illegal speedboats. but that was not what we (or at least i) were talking about.

    in the present circunstances, with castro still in cuba and at least nominally in control, i think that if the wet/dry policy is eliminated, the way things are RIGHT NOW, the US would have to follow the immigration agreements to the letter (of course, cuba never have and never will follow them to the letter), and then EVERY cuban that leaves cuba illegaly would have to be returned.

    that was the option i was referring to when i said it was not the best option.

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