Radio reloj da la hora…

Good friends George of The Real Cuba, the Conductor of Cuban American Pundits and I will be on the radio this afternoon. We’ve been invited by Enrique Encinosa, whose book Unvanquished: Cuba’s resistance to fidel castro is a must read, to come on his show today on Radio Mambi.

We’ll probably be discussing our internet battles with fidel, and it should be great entertainment. At the least, you get to hear me butcher the Spanish language.

You can tune in by clicking the “Escuchanos” link on the sidebar here.

Oops. I forgot to tell you it’s at 2:00 pm. Be there or be square.

Oh, and dont forget to wish the youngest of our Cuban bloggers a happy birthday today. Brandon turns three.

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  1. I’ll be listening, I wish I’d known, I would have asked if I could send my copy and have him sign it. It’s a great must read book.

  2. Val,

    Perhaps you can ask Radio Mamb? (WAQI), how is it that they allowed CITGO to be a sponsor of the 3 Kings Parade. CITGO is wholy owned by PDV America, Inc., the “National oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.” The same company owned by a government that insists in proping the senile dictator with its provisions of 90,000 barrels per day of oil.

    Now, I’ll be honest, I am not sure who really organizes the parade, but I do know that WAQI had a big part in its participation. I just find a little hyprocritical.

    Just my ranting feelings.

  3. Val,
    Can you ask the radio station to provide you with a duplicate tape that, eventually, you might be able to play through …sort of in a similar fashion that Steve H. plays the audio of his discussions with midgets, etc.?
    Pretty please?
    Because, co~no, I just can’t get that station up here in Maryland!

  4. Never mind, Val. I was able to receive Radio Mambi through the Internet, so I will do my own taping of the show.
    And I guess everyone else with Internet access can listen to the show just as easily.
    Right now, they are broadcasting a fascinating show about the loss of “col’ageno” and the aging process.
    Hmmmm, I may just become a regular listener.

  5. I know this will sound moronic, but how wonderful! I get to hear voices, and put them with the names! Good luck guys. Julio if you record this, can you email me the file afterwards as well?

  6. La Ventanita,
    The program is on, as we speak (though they just stopped for some commercial messages) and I am recording it.
    I’m recording it the ole fashioned way, with a casette tape recorder, straight off my computer speakers. I’ll be glad to send you a copy of the tape, so just send me a snail-mail address via my private e-mail address.
    So far, our guys sound great!

  7. They do sound great, I am beaming! Julio, may I have a copy of the tape as well? Or maybe you should sell them?

  8. Yeah Ziva, you got an On air mention and for free!!!!!! Way to go!!! Julio I’ll send you the address, thank you very much!

  9. Ziva,
    Congrats on a big on-air plug for your blog from Val!
    I don’t know if I can charge for duplicates of the tape… and get away with it… far too many copyright complications, so I’ll just pay for the duplicate myself and donate it to your blog.

  10. The broadcast on Radio Mamb’i just ended… way too short, in my opinion. No doubt about it, each of these three bloggers is worthy of a full show each.
    BUT… it was a great introduction to people unfamiliar with the Internet and the blogosphere.
    It will be interesting to see how daily traffic is affected over the next few days.
    I’m proud of *our* guys… Val, Henry and George (as well as his new sidekick and photographer extraordinaire, who just got out of Cuba a year or so ago).
    Arriba, mi gente!

  11. I am just blown away here, they were so good, and this is just the best thing, now word is really out about Babalu, the Real Cuba and others,there are voices peaking for Cuba Libre and there is nothing that cockroach in Havava, or the whoring MSM can do about it. I am so proud.

  12. Thanks for the compliments guys. I want address Orlando’s comments about Citgo for a moment. First of all WAQI is now owned and operated by Univision radio. In addition to WAQI they own several other stations in the market including WQBA which is the official Spanish Radio broadcaster of the Florida Marlins. Citgo is a big sponsor of the Marlins on Spanish radio. WAQI probably has no say in whose advertising is taken on the other Univision stations or who is allowed to participate in Univision events.

    Also Citgo does not own a single gas station. They are all owned by distributors and individual owners. They carry the CItgo name because that’s where they buy the majority (but not all and not always) of their gasoline. It’s kind of like a franchise arrangement except there’s not a franchise fee just an agreement to buy X amount of gaas from Citgo. In other words these guys are independent operators many of whom predate the Chavez regime. Es dificil. Even the people in Citgo corp are divided. There are the old school Citgo folks that have been running the company since before it was purchased by the Venezuelans and there are the Chavistas. The old guard Citgo folk are very nice. The Chavistas are genuine assholes.

  13. It sounds like a very successful interview. I am sorry I missed it, my big bad capitalist company called a meeting. Val, congratulations! Now Cuba know that there is voice behind the “eyes.”

    To Condutor, thank you for your explanation. It just looks disingenuous from where I stand.

  14. Orlando,

    I know what you mean but that’s the way it is. The station runs semi independently from Univision but they are part of Univision. If WQBA has a sponsor that they want to bring to a Univision event WAQI can do nothing about it. I was speaking with the WAQI sales manager today about how they routinely turn down ad revenue from the Cuba Travel agencies and parcel shippers. One of them even claimed he was going to notify the government. She explained to him that they are free to turn down any advertiser as long as it’s not a candidate running for office which they have to take. So WAQI does not take any ad dollars from businesses allied with Castro. But Univision is a different matter. They are a large corporation that doesn’t have a vested interest in Cuba one way or the other.

    I have stopped using Citgo even though I’m really hurting the local dealers more than the company itself but having met some of the people (the old guard oil people that were there from before Chavez) I have to say it really sucks all the way around. It’s a shame because Citgo is a very old brand with a lot of history and positives. But now it’s the toy of Castro’s mini-me.

  15. Val, desde Houston , Tx. tuviste 3 cubanas oyendote! ..a traves del link en el Internet!

    Interesantisismo saber como pueden manejar todos Uds. el trabajo y el Blog!! Increible!

    Tu ingles es muy bueno….y el trabajo que haces, junto con Jorge y Myself es fenomenal!

    Muchos exitos !


  16. Son unos babaros. What is next? I am sure Oscar Haza will have you on Channel 41!

    That we can not only hear but you guys!

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