From Ramon Saul Sanchez

Via Net for Cuba, a statement from Ramon Saul Sanchez, on his ninth day on hunger strike:


My express Will and Determination:

I, Ram?n Sa?l S?nchez, prohibits that any person, entity or government institution including the paramedics, remove me from this site of the hunger strike, at the Monument of the Martyrs of the 2506 Brigade, to be transported to any hospital, clinic and or other location that provides medical services. This I ask in the event that I loose consciousness, I humbly ask that my will be respected in this prohibition and determination.

This prohibition will be instantly lifted in the event in which the President of the United States, or whom he designates, proves in writing or gives public Testimony that the United States government is willing to meet with the Commission that represents The Cuban Community.

Signed by:

Ram?n Sa?l S?nchez
Exilio, 16 de enero del 2006
10:40 AM
Mi voluntad expresa

Josefina Vento ? 1/16/06
Ahmed Y. Martel ? 1/16/06

As I mentioned in this post, please contact the White House, contact your senators and representatives, and lobby for the end of the inhumane and ridiculous wet-foot/dry-foot policy.

2 thoughts on “From Ramon Saul Sanchez”

  1. “the complete and utter failure” of the wet-foot, dry-foot policy. I support Mr.Sanchez for showing once again his solidarity to the Cuban people. 15 cubans send back because they reached an old bridge that’s”MIERDA” 15 cubanos who have risked so much to reach freedom and are now back in cuba with an uncertain future.Mr. President Bush your “wet-foot, dry-foot” policy. I think is time for your administration to take a good look at this policy is unfair to the cuban people.

  2. Mr. Saul:
    I as a Cuban exile, as an anti-communist,
    as a Viet-Nam veteran, and as a human being, I salute you Sir, and aadmire you gallantry, and you patriotism. Men like you died in South Viet-Nam, and will continue to defend Democracy, they just don’t die they fade away.

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