How pathetic

Still no mention of rafters or wet foot/dry foot or hunger strike on CNN, but they do have some space for quoting fidel castro. And an especially childish remark at that:

HAVANA (AP) – Fidel Castro suggested the United States doesn’t want to play Cuba in the World Baseball Classic, which is awaiting word on whether the U.S. government will let the island’s players take part.

We aren’t afraid of anything,” Castro said in a wide-ranging speech late Tuesday. “It’s very difficult to compete against us in any area … not even in baseball do they want to compete with Cuba.

Castro’s comments appeared to refer to the inaugural World Classic, a 16-team tournament scheduled for March 3-20 and organized by Major League Baseball and its players’ union.

The U.S. Treasury Department last month denied MLB’s application for Cuba to play its scheduled first-round games in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory. Later rounds are to be played on the U.S. mainland.

The license is required under 45-year-old American sanctions against Cuba aimed at preventing Castro’s government from receiving U.S. currency.

After Cuba promised to donate any money it received to victims of Hurricane Katrina, MLB reapplied for a license a second time and is awaiting a response.

Tuesday was the deadline for teams to submit preliminary player lists. Each team initially will present a list of 60 names that will be reduced to 30.

The International Baseball Federation has said it will not sanction the tournament if Cuba isn’t allowed to play.

MLB senior vice president Paul Archey and union lawyer Doyle Pryor visited the island last week to review plans with Cuban officials in case the second license application is approved.

Sheesh, how pathetic. Next we’ll hear fidel threatening to tell his mommy on the US if they dont let Cuba play.

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  1. Is Beardo slipping? More than we’ve come to expect, I mean.

    I thought all good Commies abhorred competition. He should be thanking the U.S. for not sullying his ideological purity.

  2. Tell his mommy? What mommy? I thought he was just a sonofabitch. And what does he know about baseball, since he doesn’t have bolas? Real ones, that is. Maybe he just secretly sits on a baseball bat, and rotates on it…or would that be Raul’s department?

  3. Not afraid of anything? Then why the need for over 300 prisons? Why is Dr. Biscet in one of them? Why aren’t Cuban citizens allowed full access to information? What aren’t Cuban citizens allowed freedom of movement? You are lying fidel.

  4. Ziva,

    My sentiments exactly – he’s not afraid, he’s completely terrified, scared out of his little twisted mind, of people like Dr. Biscet, full access to information, etc. – it?s like sunlight to a vampire.

  5. Ha ha, AP… from now on, every time I read an AP article on Cuba, I’ll think about that swank office they have on the Plaza de las Armas in Habana Vieja. way to get to the heart of Cuba guys.

    bunch of ass kissers call themselves journalists…

  6. Sure, you can play! Due to national security concerns however all of your players will have to be interviewed and searched alone in a room with a U.S. government official. Where the U.S. official will ask, “if you want to defect nod your head.” When the entire team goes in the room and never comes out just think of the great new players we will have! F U barbudo!

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