Hunger Strike, Day 11

Looks like some sources of media outside of Miami are starting to get with the program. The New York Sun has a pretty good and rather complete write up today, including a comment from a White House spokespman::

A spokesman for the White House, Kenneth Lisaius, responded yesterday that “the administration has reached out to representatives of the Cuban-American community to express our interest in hearing and understanding their concerns about U.S. migration policy toward Cuba,” adding that “the administration remains committed to helping the Cuban people hasten the day of Cuba’s democratic transition, and fully understands that the fundamental cause of migration from Cuba is the dictatorship of Fidel Castro.”

Personally, I like any newspaper that uses the following three words in any article relating Cuba: “the castro dictatorship.”

Let’s keep working on those emails and letters to the MSM outlets around the country. Hopefully some more will follow suit. Ziva has a good list here as do the Cuban American Pundits here.

UPDATE: Gracias, Bill.