On the FIU/Cuban Spy Scandal

From Hank Tester at NBC6:

Cuban Spy Scandal

How sensitive is the Florida International University Cuban spy scandal?

Professors and administrators are so gun shy that none will go on television, even those who are not involved. I had a conversation with a long-time source while standing in the middle of FIU’s University Commons. He wouldn’t talk above a whisper, and was nervous about being seen with me.

The tension is compounded by the refusal of the University President Dr. Mitch Maidique to conduct an interview with the media. NBC 6 has contacted his office, the campus public relations office, the special counsel to the university and all, except for the director of the officer of media relations, have taken a duck when it comes to TV.

To be fair, Maidique?s office offered a written statement late last week. The message was delivered to media outlets minutes prior to the 6 p.m. newscasts. There was no opportunity to ask questions, no opportunity to analyze what he had to say. The timing smacked of manipulation. There are a number of concerns swirling around the whole affair, including the future of the university’s Cuban study programs.

It’s time for answers from the horse’s mouth.

Im told that this year’s Cuba Nostalgia Convention is supposed to have FIU’s Cuba Studies Program as its main feature. No word on any repercussions as yet.

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  1. I guess it’s difficult for an institution that teaches socialism/communism as the ideal form of government to come out against two communist spies. All the professors that you send your children to learn from hate America, capitalism, and free thinking. Unless they are tenured they will not say one word against this status quo. The college campus that used to be the citadel for the free exchange of ideas is now nothing more than a socialist training camp. After a fair trial hang the spies and traitors!

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