Happy happy, joy joy!

Colorado Governor Bill Owens rocks.

Via Cuban American Pundits:

“You do have to look at who you’re dealing with,” Owens said. “They have blood on their hands. The state of Colorado won’t be part of it. If I went, I’d have a private dinner with Fidel Castro, I’d be in the presidential palace, I’d see things I’d love to see. But I don’t want to be part of what he represents.”

Owens was just getting warmed up.

“I don’t believe Fidel is a kindly avuncular cigar-smoking guy in fatigues we look at as a bit of an irritant. And I don’t regard Che Guevara as a romantic figure. Fidel is a mass murderer who wishes only harm on our country. The fact he hasn’t been able to doesn’t mean we should forget it.

“As a young man during the Cold War, I decided the greatest challenge facing us was communism,” Owens continued. “As far as I’m concerned, Castro is only a step or two removed in capability and in lust for power from people like Stalin, Mao and others. He is the person who tried to get the Soviet Union to launch nuclear weapons against us during the Cuban missile crisis. He’s the same guy who was putting people against the wall and shooting them. I’m not willing to be a part of any effort to help his economy so long as he’s in power.”

Oh, yes. I’m liking this happy thoughts business.

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  1. It’s about time someone spoke the truth. This guy should have a statue made for him. All of a sudden I’m loving Coolo-rado!(Please do not confuse coolo for culo-the latter is reserved for you know who) Ja.

  2. It is simple common sense. Its amazing how many of these elected officials lack it. It is refreshing to see an elected official with no ties to S. Fla have the right outlook while many haven’t.

  3. I think castro is more dangerous than stalin, because he is much, much smarter. stalin knew how to use brute force, but castro knows how to manipulate. The only thing castro lacks is enough power. Power, in the form of enough money or weapons, in castro’s hands would make him very dangerous indeed. Even the soviets realized this.

  4. I agree with mike, we should send this guy a thank you letter, not only for his “cordura” but also for his “cojones” in standing up and saying this with no qualms. Pardon the “french” wording, but there was just not a better word

  5. His words should be repeated everywhere from the mountain tops of Colorado to the beaches of Key West! F*** you barbudo! You can manipulate those Hollywood phonies all you want. There are many more people in this country who remember and won’t be fooled. We are not all in Miami. We are everywhere and we will not negotiate, bargain, cooperate, or capitulate until you and your evil regime are gone. Sorry, I’m ranting again! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

  6. THUD!

    That was my jaw hitting the floor after reading Owens’ comments. Finally, a high-ranking politician outside of South Florida who understands!

  7. The governor’s email address is: governorowens@state.co.us

    I sent him the following short note:

    Dear Governor Owens,

    I just finished reading Rob Reuteman’s column about trade with Cuba and I want to thank you for your principled stance. As an American born of Cuban parents I really appreciate your very clear analysis of the situation. I wish more politicians were as astute as you.

    Keep up the good work,

    Henry L. Gomez

  8. My e-mail to the Gov.

    Dear Governor Owens,

    I have just finished reading your comments via the babalu blog. I want to applaud you. I want to let you know that there are a great many other like minded Americans who feel as you do. Though I am not of Cuban descent I feel deeply for the suffering of anyone who had to endure communist tyranny or flee their homeland to escape oppression. Thank you for taking this stand and saying what needed to be said. To my Cuban friends I always say ‘esperanza’ that is ‘hope’. It is voices like yours that are far removed from south Florida that make their hope stronger. It lets them know they are not alone in their hope and makes the vision of one day returning to a free Cuba clearer. Thank you again and may God bless you. Cuba libre!

  9. I sent the governor the following email:
    I applaud your recent comments on visiting and trade with Cuba. It is refreshing to see an elected official with moral values that see the folly in aiding and abetting a tyrannical regime such as Cuba’s.

    You would think that any logical person with common sense would have your view. Sadly, there are many elected officials that seem to lack the common sense you do and somehow see Cuba as just another country with a different lifestyle than what we have here in our great country.

    Seeing communist oppression first hand forces us to not take the freedoms that we enjoy here in this great country (and including the great state of Colorado!) for granted. We are about as Pro-America as any ethnic group can be.

    God bless you and the great state of Colorado with all of its natural beauty. I have been there several times and always was in awe of its beauty.


  10. I’m sure this guy never thought he would be getting email from so many people on this editorial. I sent him one too.

  11. I sent him an email thanking him for his refreshing stand. This is evidence there are some public figures out there who actually have a rational brain between their ears, and balls to tell it like it is.

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