Alone again, naturally

Cuba’s independent journalists – those that do not write or report for the state sponsored entities – have brass ones. Not only do they report on what the Cuban government does and conceals, but they do so at great risk to themselves and their families. And they also go at it alone, as their MSM comrades go to great lengths to ignore their plight.

Google news search Oscar Mario Gonz?lez and you’ll find not one single mention of the man who languishes in prison for being a journalist.

Independent journalist Oscar Mario Gonz?lez moved to prison

HAVANA, January 23 (Lucas Garve, Fundaci?n por la Libertad de Expresi?n / – Independent journalist Oscar Mario Gonz?lez, who has been held since July 22, 2005 without being charged with any crime, was transferred last week to the San Miguel del Padr?n Prison No. 1580, according to his wife, Mirta Wong.

Wong said she visited her husband for half an hour and found him to be in good spirits, although he is suffering from an ulcer.

Gonz?lez, who reported for the Grupo de Trabajo Decoro, had been held in Havana since his arrest.

Gonz?lez won a journalism prize in 2004 at the first awards sponsored by the Fundaci?n por la Libertad de Expresi?n.

Or this man:

Jailed independent journalist lacks medical assistance

CAIBARI?N, Cuba, January 23 (Juan Carlos Parrado Crespo, Villa Blanca Press / – Normando Hern?ndez Gonz?lez, an independent journalist imprisoned at the Kilo 5 ? prison in Pinar del R?o province, hasn’t been receiving any medical assistance, according to his wife.

Yara? Reyes Mar?n said he is in “a deplorable state of health” and that prison guards refuse to allow him any medicine brought in from the outside.

“At my last family visit, I found him very weak,” she said, adding that he has lost 20pounds.

She said he complains of stomach aches and has stropped eating prison food.

These are just two of dozens of independent journalists in Cuba whose stories go unseen and unheard by many because of a lack of interest from the world’s media.

4 thoughts on “Alone again, naturally”

  1. They are true heroes, daring to speak the truth at great peril to their own health! Hopefully someday the cowards that participate in the “actos de repudio” will have to face justice in a Free Cuba!

  2. As a journalist in the U.S., and as a Cuban, I feel a special kinship with Hernandez, Gonzalez and other independent journalists in and out of Castro’s prisons. All prisoners of conscience in Cuba demand our attention, but the persecution of journalists doing their jobs is especially heinous, because it represents an attempt to eliminate any true record of what is happening on the island. The journalists, and others who bear witness to Castro’s crimes, are the true heroes.

  3. God bless these guys. Reporters who risk their lives and reputation to reveal injustices and truths should be celebrated as heros. They are the most important element in a just society. Whenever a reporter, in any country is imprisoned, tortured, or branded unpatriotic or a terrorist, is cause for great alarm and outrage. Caution should be given to ANY country or entity that puts any kind of limitations on the media. God Bless all of the reporters of the world.

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