Decision prediction

In the next couple of days, remember the following quote that was all over the news vis a vis the Cuban baseball team being allowed to play in the World Baseball Classic:

It’s not about politics! It’s about baseball!

We heard or read that particular quote from every single proponent of allowing Cuba to travel to the US to play in the WBC.

Lock it into memory.

Because I hereby predict that fidel castro will use the World Baseball Classic and his National Baseball Team, along with all his media monkeys as leverage against the US Interests Section’s news ticker.

Time it. I guarantee it will happen. And get ready for the media blitz.

Synchronize your watches, folks. Pretty soon we’ll get to hear the media backspin on how fidel castro is, in fact, allowed to turn the baseball event into a political issue.

6 thoughts on “Decision prediction”

  1. Well if I had just waited long enough to read it in another post…

    “You know how this is going to be played? Wait for the decision from fidel to not play because of the news ticker. And then, the ensuing media barrage of criticism of Parmly, the US Interests Section and the evil Miami Mafia.”

    Thanks. I think you might be on to something.

  2. Val you are exactly right. And we’ve already heard the rumblings from other ‘Western States’ about how unprecedented the ticker is blah blah blah… the useful idiots are already lining up for this one. How dare we subject the communist nation to uncensored info. The depth the world will sink to in the name of anti-Americanism is truly horrifying.

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