Such nice people

As Miguel likes to put it, ‘such nice people.’

Read the new story of how the accused Alvarez spies targetted their ‘good friend’ the president of Florida International University, who attended their bail hearing, probably unwitting of their activities against him. He probably shouldn’t have been so naive, but that’s castroite ethics.

The Miami Herald reports that the FBI got hold of the Alvarez’s home computers, which were accessible to office files, and reported to their Cuban handlers about the FIU chief’s invitation to the White House, as well as all the student records they could get their hands on. There’s a lot on the people-to-people exchange the Alvarezes ran, and how Cuban agents targetted the students – with the Alvarez’s help. The Herald‘s story with all the sick details is here.

5 thoughts on “Such nice people”

  1. I wonder if Modesto Maidique will show up at any more of the hearings for the Alvarez(es)?
    Or at their sentencing?
    And what the folks in the FIU University Relations department (where I once worked) will advise the president to do?

  2. Maidique tiene que “sacudir la mata” en FIU.
    In an e-mail to a Herald reporter on January 9, I stated:
    “There are still other FIU professors suspected of being Cuban intelligence agents, especially Maria Felicia “Marifeli” Perez-Stable Diaz, a political science professor. She was also a founder of Areito magazine, the Antonio Maceo Brigade, and participant in the so-called “dialogue” with Castro.
    In July 1983, Jesus Perez Mendez, a defecting captain of Cuba’s Directorate General of Intelligence (DGI), informed U.S. intelligence that Perez-Stable was “controlled” by DGI officers Isidro G?mez y Jes?s Arboleya Cervera. They placed her in charge of the Circulo de Cultura Cubana (CCC), after she substituted former DGI operative Lourdes Casal, a Rutgers sociology professor who died in 1981. Defector Perez Mendez stated that the DGI prepared annual plans for Perez-Stable and that she received $100 for each tourist that traveled to Cuba with the CCC. The DGI asked Perez-Stable to infiltrate the IEC, whose position afterward became more favorable toward the Cuban regime.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg of academic espionage at FIU. Some day, when there is a regime change in Cuba and the DGI archives are opened to the public, the truth will emerge.”
    Needless to say, the Herald never investigated this lead.

  3. I went to school with a guy with the same surname…Cuban American…nice enough guy, but a leftie….that’s gotta be his momma.

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