The Roster

For you fantasy baseball players out there, Scott’s got the Cuban Baseball team roster for the World Baseball Classic up at JSB.

I say “fantasy” baseball because I truly believe that’s the only way you’ll get to “see” them play. I’m pretty certain the commissioner of everything in Cuba will find some excuse to not allow their leaving the island.

I could be wrong, of course. Pero lo dudo.

Perhaps we should start a pool on whether or not they’ll show up?

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  1. Why would any one in Cuba even think about keeping Cuban players home during the WBC?

    That is like Lula keeping Ronaldinho home during the World Cup?

    For what?

    Based on comments made since December, Castro feels no serious loss from the many defections from the national team over the years.

    “They can and have been replaced.”

    If Castro feels like the Contreras and Hernandezes et al have been “replaced” why would he worry about defections during the WBC?

    If Castro is not worried, who else in Cuba is strong enough to “disagree” with him?

    Sure, I am rather confident that Joe Cuba (the Cuban Drew Rosenhaus) is already salivating over the prospects of another El Duque to snatch up but I think more people on this side of the strait are thinking about than on the other.

    **I’m sure that Tomas Regalado is praying that not only will the players defect en masse but they’ll also have some blue scorpions with them to boot.

    Oh well.

    Time will reveal all ….

  2. Hassan,
    You should know by now that fidel castro is a master at saying one thing and doing another, if he deems it politically expedient for whatever nefarious purpose or motivation.
    If he is so sure that his system has replaced those baseball players who left the island, and perhaps replaced them with even better ones, why is he bellyaching about having those who got the hell out “stolen” from him, as he grandiloquently declared in one of his most recent speeches?
    For the record, not one of those individuals could be considered “stolen” –they all defected, on their own.
    Another factor to consider: if the tiranosaurius maximus doesn’t care if his subjects leave, why does he pack every traveling delegation with armed security personnel?
    And why does he hold the wives, children and other family members of those who travel outside the island as virtual hostages?
    The record is full of cases of people who have managed to get out and then have had to undergo years and years of painful separation, because the tyrant, out of meanness, simply won’t let them reunite.
    I agree with you in one thing: time will tell –it will tell us a lot.

  3. Honestly , who cares if they show up or not. I personally don’t care. Obviously, you would like to see the players play, but this is no ordinary situation. There are plenty of good Cuban American players in the USA, some of whom you may never hear about and some you may have. I definitely can wait an extra month to see them play when the regular MLB season starts ( but I won’t bc I dont like whats happened in this situation).Maybe I’ll keep up with it here and there but definitely NOT on a regular basis like I used to. Unless you’re a Baseball Addict and need a Twelve Step Program or a commie supporter, I think one can wait until it’s all over. Yes, I feel sorry and sad for those players that really have nothing to do with any of this, but I certainly don’t know which players on the Cuban team are pro regime or not. The facts are they are not free to express themselves openly if they are not. I will not watch any of it knowing there may be a few on that team which are truly unable to say what they want out of fear or whatever ( let’s s not forget the millions on the island also) That’s very sad. Baseball and sports are NOT life, it’s only a part of it. Why don’t any of the players playing from the other teams not play, just because its the right thing to do? In the end I’ll just remain contemplating about how a certain individual, if you can call it that, was allowed to destroy a nation for 47 years and people have to risk their lives and leave their homeland for a better life. Only those who have lived it, experienced any of it, and those who have eyes and can see , and ears and can hear, know how this situation has affected millions of lives in a negative manner.

  4. LET’s put aside our political fever which is
    I have to say,well founded,and let the cuban
    National baseball team come into the this so
    called World Classic series,let’s the vast majority of the cuban people who is no castrist,
    fell one minute happier when seeing these fellows
    playing,by the way,in this edition,Cuban team has
    not many chances to go win,because their talent
    are in a great nummer developing,but Cuba is
    fanatic,frenzy,to Baseball,just see the situation
    in the two days ago baseball classic in Cuba,when
    thousands of fans went into the field,let’s our
    people be happier at least a little bit,because
    say not to the Cuban players is a blow not on
    Castro or his cronies faces,but on the vast majority of the good cubans.

  5. Hassan, the second, third and fourth letters of your “name”, combined together, perfectly describe you.

    Posted by: George L. Moneo at January 26, 2006 10:24 PM

    ja! ja! ja! te la comiste Jorgito!!!!!

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