7 thoughts on “Google poo-poo redux”

  1. Well, Yahoo is know for delivering a disident to the chinese authorities and MS delivers search query information to the FEDS, so I guess you don’t have too much to pick from. Google is still doing well given the options they had.

  2. I thought about ditching google, but consider the following:

    1) google is not offering gmail or blogger in china, specifically to avoid having to give up disidents to the chinese authorities. that’s a lot of dollars they’re sacrificing, for sure.

    2) software has bugs all the time. what if google left huge holes in its selfcensoring project? if the chinese found out, google could just shrug and say, “oh whoops, sorry, we messed up,” and then create another hole somewhere else. of course, if google did this there’s no way they would announce it publically.

    my point is, google hasn’t done anything to lose my trust yet, and “censoring” their search results… well, I’m willing to give them to benefit of the doubt for the time being and see what happens.

    it’s not like they turned over one of their customers to the authorities, and that customer was put in jail for ten years (please tell me there’s a yahoo boycott)

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