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  1. Val,
    I am quite curious about something and I wonder if you might create a thread asking the following:
    If Cuba were to become free who plans on going back to stay? I for one do, but I am curious about others.

  2. One ‘minor’ plus is the reserves are thought to be of low quality, requiring considerable refining to be useful. Moreover, Skidmark doesn’t have the money or infrastructure to set this up, and I like to think that most any oil company would think twice before investing in what would amount to a nationalization scheme. Upshot: I don’t think we’ll be seeing any Cuban crude for a while.

  3. “Ocean Rig owns and operates two of the world’s largest and most modern drilling-rigs, built for ultra deep waters and extreme weather conditions. The units are currently operating offshore Angola and Cuba.”
    The Norway Post

    “One well for Repsol in Cuba, contract started May 11, 2004,
    One well for BG International, West of Shetland,
    One well for Troll Oil in the North Sea,
    Three wells for Statoil (two) and Norsk Hydro Production (one) in the Barents Sea.”
    The Norway Post

    More here

  4. Little off topic but what pisses me off is the people that think getting another source of energy is cheap and easy. Even now oil is really cheap compared to anything else. People sure as hell bitched alot for high gas prices, well any other fuel is more expensive. So tell the guy who wrote that article to STFU about stuff he has no knowledge about unless he is prepared to pay and not complain. yes i feel much better and calmer now, lol…just my 2 cents

  5. Hell, Jorge, most people don’t seem to realize that gasoline cost more in adjusted dollars during the 20’s and 30’s than it does today.

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