And the tally keeps increasing

The list of deaths of Cubans caused by fidel castro just keeps growing. Six more Cuban rafters die trying to reach freedom out of a group of 14. Only one of the remaining 8 will probably be allowed to stay in the States while the rest – thanks once again to Clintons and Bush’s by default wet foot/dry foot policy – will be repatriated back to the living hellhole.

Please help us end this absurd and inhumane policy. Contact the White House and let them know that people are dying unecessarily.

This message is not only for our Cuban-American readers, but for our American friends as well. We Cubans can scream and holler at the tops of our lungs til hell freezes over and it wont get us anywhere near as far as decent, freedom loving Americans making their voices heard. We need you. Please help us end the wet foot/dry foot lunacy.

6 thoughts on “And the tally keeps increasing”

  1. I’m no longer willing to give President Bush the “by default” pass on wet foot/dry foot. He’s in his sixth year in office. It’s now his policy as much as it was President Clinton’s.

  2. Val,
    Thanks for calling a spade a spade. It is Bush’s by default although it is Clintons brainchild. There is plenty of guilt to go around. There are those who are guilty for committing a crime and those who are guilty for doing nothing about it.
    How many will be guilty of the second offense.
    Write those letters! Make those phone calls. If we don’t then we need to make sure to wash the blood off of our own hands. Maybe thats a little strong but its true nonetheless.

  3. Ditto, all the above. Please write those letters and make those phone calls. It only takes a few minutes and if enough of us do so maybe this barbaric policy will finally end. Thank you Val.

  4. I totally agree with all of you.

    This does not make supporting Bush easy, although he has done some good, just not near enough.

    Having said that, be careful of what you wish for and what ultimately comes.

    Bush cannot run for office again. So what are the alternatives long term? Who is on the horizon for the long term that will truly serve our interests?

    Rice? McCain,?


    Lets see, who is trying to run for congress in the D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-I-C party?

    Cindy Sheehan, who was seen hobnobbing with Chavez at the Sandalista rally in Caracas. Do we really want to support a party with the likes of her? Sorry, I don’t like the DEMS at all.

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