The lowdown on Jeny

As Val noted above, the U.S. threw out a Venezuelan “diplomat” in retaliation for the expulsion of a U.S. naval attache. Good for them!

But why did they pick this chick for the U.S. boot, Jeny Figueredo?

The State Department would only say “we believe this expulsion to be the most appropriate,” when asked.

Here’s the dirt on why, so far as I can tell.

Jeny Figueredo FRIAS is the niece of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez Frias. She’s also the office bitch at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. No one can stand her, not even the other embassy Chavistas. Hey Martin? Isn’t that right? Get blogging, we are waiting for your take on mean Jeny who hired you!

She’s so mean the U.S. was probably trying to get rid of her just so that the rest of the embassy staff might feel grateful and therefore be more easy to work with.

Not that I have any illusion. The Venezuelan Embassy is nothing more than a rat’s nest of political cronies from different strains of chavistadom. Not one of them is a professional diplomat, all are political loyalists who got plum assignments – extolling Chavistadom without actually having to live in it. They all suck.

Being family, Jeny probably handles Hugo’s bank accounts or Rolex shopping or something. In any case, the U.S. wanted The Thug to feel the inconvenience. No more Chivas Regal, no more Louis Vuitton, no more Brooks Brothers smoking jackets, no more mirrored YSL sunglasses.

Let’s hope not.

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  1. I love it that “our” expulsion is personal. I suspect it’s not by chance that one his family members enjoyed life in our capitalist paradise. What a hypocritical thug.

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