15 thoughts on “The difference between us and them”

  1. You know, if they are so fucking brave, why the fuck they always cover their faces? Only cowards act in a criminal way and cover their faces. Only those who do not want to be associated with their own words cover their faces. They should show some real courage, and at least take responsibility for their stupid threats.

    I wish there was a picture with someone holding a sign saying the same thing about them. They can all go to hell.

  2. That stupid schmuck’s head looks like a covered marble. One wonders why such people with such thoughts don’t want to show their faces. Dollars to donuts the bastard is desperate for a visa or green card.

  3. Just to clear up any doubts h ASS a n may create, the photo wasn’t doctored. It was pulled off the Drudge site exactly as I posted it. Nice try, indeed.

  4. Actually the pictures are in more than one place, including the BBC UK, where the pictures were taken as muslims protested in front of the Danish embassy at the UK


    So Hassan I concur, that the only doctored thing is yourself and your futile attempts to discredit reality

  5. Venta’

    Did you see the caption underneath the BBC’s photo?

    “Many Muslims do not believe the protesters are representative.”

  6. -Isn’t that the worse thing anybody can say-

    It reminds me of wat some people in a turba castrista were saying: “abajo los derechos humanos” same thing..

    and maybe they are just too feos … that’s why they cover their faces…

    and they make their women cover their faces ’cause they’re feas too-

  7. Yeah Ron, I think “many muslims” are very naive …even my muslim friends here at school are in shock over these reactions. Whether they are representative or not, unfortunately history has shown that the evil minority can make more noise than the majority…and even if they are minority these guys are dangerous enough for that fact not to matter.

  8. Hate to sound like a fascist. But can they be rounded up and sent back to whatever toilet bowl of a country they came from????

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