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  1. Gotta get me one!

    Here’s a terrible joke: Cheney and Ted Kennedy go hunting; Ted’s a little (is that possible?) inebriated and waddles too slowly…accidentally gets in Dick’s line-of-fire just as Mr. Cheney is taking a bead on some quail…you guessed it – BOOM! Teddy plaintively complains: “Dick! Look what you’ve done! You shot me in the ass!” Dick answers: “Well Ted, you gotta get the lead out…”

  2. Too f’ing funny. When Teddy gave a speech at the Demo convention in ’88 he asked, “Where was George?!” When I was at the Univ. of TX (National Champions, BTW — Hook ’em Horns!), the College Republicans had a t-shirt with a half submerged car that asked, “Where was Ted?!”

  3. Idiots! Good loyal puppies. So freakin loyal to the “party”. Dont you morons see that BOTH of these incidents are WRONG. Both are cover-ups. Both are examples of how these elite get away with anything. Both of these guys get away with things that the common person would be arrested for or at the very least, would be investigated. But instead of holding anyone of them accountable, lets just cheer for our team. YAY!! HORAY to our wonderful leaders!!

    Wake up and smell the cafe con leche dim wits!

  4. Hey, CafeConLeche, go troll somewhere else. And while you’re at it, adjust your aluminum hat so that the mothership can contact you more clearly with instructions.

  5. from the United Nations Human Development Report 2005:

    UN Human Development Index (2003)
    ranked #10 – USA
    ranked #52 – Cuba

    Life Expectancy (2003)
    ranked #29 – USA (77.4 years)
    ranked #30 – Cuba (77.3 years)

    Per Capita Spending on Health Care (2002)
    ranked #1 – USA ($5,274 per person)
    ranked #97 – Cuba ($236 per person)

    Percentage of One-year-olds Immunized Against Measles (2003)
    ranked #2(tied) – Cuba (99%)
    ranked #70 – USA (93%)

    Spending on Public Education as Share of GDP (2000-02)
    ranked #1 – Cuba (18.7%)
    ranked #30 – USA (5.7%)


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