Let’s say you have the financial capability. And you’ve always loved them. And you really really want one.

Would you get one of these?

Update: The Airstream in the above link is not the one available to me. The price is not the same either. The Airstream Ive been offered is a bit older, but everything works and only needs a little buffing. The price is less than 2k.

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  1. In a heartbeat, we used to have an old Boles Aero, similar to an airstream. There is nothing like a classic Airstream, and if you decide you don’t like it,just park it for a decade. It will be worth a fortune.

    This is looks like Lucy and Desi’s trailer!
    and I LOVE IT! turquoise kitchen and all!!

  3. Ahhhh …. no. Call the aesthetics police on this one. It’s too ugly to sink that kind of money in it. You can do better.

    Unless, of course, you want to park it on South Beach and turn it into a diner ….

  4. Val – you’ll probably have fun in that thing. Since you’ve always wanted one, go for it. Get rid of it if you don’t like it. Bet you can do so at a profit. Meantime, even though it’s not how I’d spend $3900, it looks like a bargain for what it is, so go have fun.

  5. A genuine Airstream, in decent, restorable shape?
    If you want one, I say go for it. The only problem with it is you’ll need something to tow it with- say, a ’68 Chrysler Town and Country Wagon, with every conceivable option, natch.

  6. Thank god for a blog like this that breaks down partisan walls and addresses IMPORTANT issues, bringing together people and ideas for a common cause of liberating our homeland, Cuba, from the murderous dictator Fidel and his oppressive regime. What was your question again?

    wake up and smell the cafe con leche dim wits.

  7. cafeconleche,

    Being that this is MY blog and being that I maintain it, upkeep it and pay for, I will post whatever I damn well please.

    If you dont like it, your browser has a back button. Use it.

  8. Good answer Val!!!

    A little buffing? sounds like an endearing factor, and for under $2k, I still say in a fucking heartbeat!!!!

  9. yup. If you can afford it (you said you can) and you have use for it (I am sure you do) why not? We only live once at a time so enjoy.

  10. Just imagine a week down in the Keys at some out of the way campsite by the water with no cellphones, no news, no work, no internet, no nada except for my wife, my dog and my fishing poles and the comfort of my Airstream!

    Add a fridge full of beers and barbeque stuff and that’s a damned good relaxing getaway.

  11. Val, in 1976 we took our little trailer and went cross-country. At the end of each day we found a spot we liked, parked, cooked dinner, enjoyed nature and each other. It was a grand time, filled with memorable moments that make us smile all these years later. Get the trailer; you’ll love it.

  12. Val,
    I can see you now heading to the Keys on Friday night with that beautiful Miami traffic pulling that thing. Just kidding actually I have one, not an airstream but a camper, 31 ft. Pulling it in Chicago traffic on Friday night heading to Michigan is a nightmare but man when you get there it’s paradise. Ironic, when we were in Cuba we lived in a room much smaller that that airstream.
    Have fun, you only live once.

  13. I’d say buy it. Trailers are much better than motor homes for resale and utility, and Airstreams are the most classic iconic trailers of them all. A gleaming buffed Airstream is a beautiful thing.

  14. Val: You’ll love it. It’s what you want. This is America, so you can have that thing or any other little thing you want, it’s something you’ve earned.

    It’s not really about the big silver bullet thing, but about the happy experiences you can have with it. You and the Missus, the fish, the breeze, the beer and the water, and something you’ve always thought about having.

    Vintage no less, the SAME thing you saw on the road when you were a little kid dreaming of it. Might even be the exact same thing, who knows?

    Go for it!

  15. Agreed, Sequin. Airstreams are beautifully engineered, well made pieces, and there’s something about them- not just the obvious differences- that sets them apart. I felt the same way about my Citroen DS- every time you stepped in, you really understood that this was a better way to travel.

  16. So Val, in anser to your question you have:
    13 votes for yes
    3 votes for no
    2 idiots
    and a couple of undecided

    so that is an OVERWHELMING YES!!!!!!

  17. 1 more for “do it” makes it…
    14 yes
    3 no
    2 “other”
    and a couple undecided

    they’re much lighter than they look, can be pulled by nearly anything, the resale is excellent, and retro is in.
    marc in canada.

  18. from the United Nations Human Development Report 2005:

    UN Human Development Index (2003)
    ranked #10 – USA
    ranked #52 – Cuba

    Life Expectancy (2003)
    ranked #29 – USA (77.4 years)
    ranked #30 – Cuba (77.3 years)

    Per Capita Spending on Health Care (2002)
    ranked #1 – USA ($5,274 per person)
    ranked #97 – Cuba ($236 per person)

    Percentage of One-year-olds Immunized Against Measles (2003)
    ranked #2(tied) – Cuba (99%)
    ranked #70 – USA (93%)

    Spending on Public Education as Share of GDP (2000-02)
    ranked #1 – Cuba (18.7%)
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  19. Go for it. By the way, you may want to see the movie “The Long, Long Trailer” first. It’s a Desi and Lucy flick – should be available in your local video store – well, maybe.

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