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Jose at Cubanology has posted an article written by a High School teacher who’s a very special person. Her name is Claudia, she’s not Cuban, but she cares enough to confront her che t-shirt wearing students and to take the time to write about the myth of the mass murderer.

che guevara, I shudder when I hear his name. I am repulsed when I see a shirt with his face on it. And when I hear that Hollywood is making yet ANOTHER movie about him, well, I get downright nauseous. I just cannot get my mind around why so many people, especially Americans, have chosen to believe that this coward is a hero when in fact he was a mass murderer, a poor excuse for a warrior and a lousy businessman. Recently, however, it has occurred to me that the majority of the people who sport these t-shirts don?t have a clue about who guevara was. Those who think they do know have bought into the myth of a man who fought for his beliefs, wanted to help the poor and died trying to bring justice to the less fortunate. I consider it my duty to enlighten the ignorant and debunk these myths.

I admit, ch? is popular. He was a murderer and a thug, but I can?t deny his popularity. ch? is cool, he?s hip, he?s trendy to the shirt-wearers. But they are clueless. As a high school teacher, I see kids wearing shirts emblazoned with ch??s image all the time. His image is being mass-marketed all over the country. (Ironic that a man allegedly so opposed to capitalism has become one of retail?s most popular sellers.) One student I saw wearing a shirt actually does know who guevara was and loves what he represents, at least, what the Hollywood version is. When I asked the student if he would likewise don a Hitler shirt, he looked at me as if I had two heads. ?They?re both mass-murderers,? I explained. The teen waved me off as if to say ?Lady, you don?t know what you?re talking about.?

Claudia knows exactly who che was. Read the rest of her article here.

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  1. Che was a failure in all he set out to do. Why does he get such media fascination? This teacher has the right idea. It’s time to challenge “conventional wisdom” and blow up this myth once and for all.

  2. I am Claudia, a loyal fan of Babalublog and the author of Cubanology’s article on Che. Thank you for the write up, Ziva! I teach Spanish so I feel it is my duty, when we discuss Cuba, to inform my students about the truth about Ch?. Hopefully it will mean one less Che shirt I’ll have to look at. Blechhhhh.

    ?Viva Cuba libre!

  3. “Claudia knows exactly who che was.”

    How does she know ‘exactly’ about Che?

    I hope that she’s not some other know-it-all gringa who has never been to Cuba yet still insists on pontificating about Cuba basing her arguments on all of these “facts” that can only come from direct experience.

    Seriously, how can someone who has never been to Cuba talk so intimately and with so much apparent authority about Cuba?

  4. Minnie, How? By reading accurate history books instead of propaganda. The truth about che is well documented and readily available for anyone looking for it. And by the way, che was not Cuban.

  5. Hey Minnie, let’s hear your opinion about the Che and give me some facts, proof. What do you call yourself, if it wasn’t because of the “Gringos” you would not be able to even express your “radical” opinions. Did you ever hear of the firing squads they had in Cuba in the early 60’s. Well, who do you think ordered all those executions? Get your facts straight and read before you say anything that would offend millions of Cubans. You want to be anti-social that’s cool, but when you put that t-shirt on, remember you are insulting Cubans, insulting millions of people who have lost their lives and are being forced to live like animals, who’s dignity has been shattered because of some utopian dreaming asshole! Jose

  6. Minnie:

    Are you Cuban-American? I’m not. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a gringa but that’s not important. The objective of my letter was not to attempt to “pontificate” (I’ll leave that to the Pope) but to express my OPINION about the people who wear those shirts and educate those who don’t realize what the Che-uncensored really did. Do I need to be Cuban to be on the right side of history? No, of course I haven’t been to Cuba to interview Guevara- seems to me that most people who have met him are no longer alive. But I *did* read many books (the first one I read was written by Alina Fern?ndez), lots of articles and speak to a bunch of people who DID live in Cuba. Does that count for anything? I did speak to my Cuban-born college professors who had to flee with their children and start over. I also corresponded with a man named Humberto Fontova when I had a question. I have lived in several Latin American countries but don’t consider myself an expert on them, either, so I don’t know what the correlation is.

    Now, as for Bethude and his or her allegation that I am Jos? Reyes, please don’t be asburd! I have never even met Jos?- I’ve only dealt with him through emails as of when I asked him if I could write an article for his site. (He asks for articles, if you go and look.) I am an Italian-American, Philadelphia-born, Spanish-teaching, card-carrying lover of democracy and, oh, yeah, a WOMAN. I would be more than happy to hook up the web cam I have at work and prove this to you but frankly, I’m a little freaked out that someone would be so suspicious about another person coming to my defense on a blog. In case you don’t know, Cuban-Americans are not generally lukewarm about Ch?. Most kind of hate him. So, you’ll have to excuse Jos? and anyone else who dared to defend me. Feel free to email me if you’d like to continue this. I’ll send you a picture of my C-section scar if you’d like.


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  8. Hey, if I’m Jos?, what do I tell my husband? He thinks I’m a girl. Hey, if I’m Jos?, what do I tell my husband? He thinks I’m a girl. <:0 Claudia

  9. Hello John, why don’t you direct that question to Mr. Castro, who forces and brainwashes kids from the age of 5, with the “Motocycle Diaries”, meanwhile they burn all the books written by western jounalists and if anybody is caught writing against the regime, they are placed in jail for 20 years. Jose

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