For you, Mr. fidelista Realtor

Went to a wedding on Saturday. A very good friend of mine found the girl of his dreams and decided to tie the knot. It was a small wedding, a tasteful and happy affair for everyone. The wife and I had a great time for the most part.

I say for the most part because this guy happened to be there. The guy that called my wife an imperialist worm.

The Mrs was a bit apprehensive about telling me that guy was there. She was worried that I would do something passionate and stupid and tarnish my buddy’s wedding. (Incidently, the idiot wasnt invited, he came as a date for some other person.)

I cant recall a time where I have wanted to beat the living shit out of someone as much as I did on Saturday. It took every ounce of determination and patience and discipline for me not to walk up to the guy, tell him my name, tell him that I am the husband of the Imperialist Worm and then crack his face open with my fist. In my mind, during the wedding reception, I beat the shit out of him numerous times. Threw his ass in the pool a bunch of times and even, once, tossed him over the balcony of the hotel terrace to a watery death in Biscayne Bay stories below.

Out of respect and love for my buddy and his new bride, I held the anger back that encompassed every fiber of my being.

He knew who I was, too. And I’m sure he could tell my disdain. I am absolutely sure he felt it. I could not acknowledge his presence because the consequences of that would have been severe. I turned my back on him and his date as they walked by greeting everyone else. To have spoken even a word to that guy would have meant me ruining my friends wedding, a trip to the hospital for him and a night in jail for me.

On saturday, February 18th, Mr. “I love fidel castro while living in la Yuma selling high end real estate like a fucking hypocrite communist son of a bitch” was born. His new birthday.

Naciste el sabado, mariconson. Dale gracias a Dios que soy mas hombre que tu. Y ruegale que mas nunca te encruentres en mi presencia.

49 thoughts on “For you, Mr. fidelista Realtor”

  1. gusana imperialista? What the fuck is he? He’s as capitalist as everyone else or what just because he’s not a gusano makes him less “imperialista”? I applaud your restraint, and as you say you were mas hombre que el. I don’t know of many men that could’ve behaved as you did. If you do run into him on the street, while you are punching his lights out (although I do not advocate violence), please knee him in the balls, and tell him it was courtesy of another gusana imperialista.

  2. ?Se salv?!

    You did the right thing.

    I love it when life allows me to live those moments, though…being able to look at somebody I despise right in the eye and not stop until they look away (because for some reason they always do).

    Don’t worry… you’ll get your chance one of these days…

  3. You did do the right thing. Not only because it’s your friend’s wedding and he didn’t deserve the spectacle but because it’s exactly that kind of reaction that these fidelista scumbags want you to have. In the blink of an eye you become “the villain” the prototypical “crazy cuban” while he’s “mr. preaceful socialista”. He would have ruined your credibility. What you could have done is slipped him a note (as you left or as he left) that says “If we’re Gusanos, then what the hell are you? What kind of parasite lives off of a Gusdano?”

  4. Come on val. At least be honest with yourself here. You were born the year the revolution suceeded that would make you 47. That young realitor was around 26 you said.

    Do you really think you could beat up someone half your age? It’s a good thing you didn’t attack him because he would have really hurt you. Please stick to beating up people in your mind.

  5. Val: Mission accomplished. You cut him dead, classic Miss Manners roundhouse chop reserved only for the very vilest. Sometimes the vibes created have a stronger impact than just a fist in the face. That guy knows he’s vermin and now either dies a thousand deaths reliving it or returns to his rathood fully knowing he can’t just go any place and have anyone’s respect. You did good.

    And cripes you are a good writer!

  6. Did Claudia write this or one of our scumbag trolls posing as Claudia? If it’s the latter, then you guys have sunk to new a low: impersonating a woman so you can troll your opinions. Jeez, guys, that’s so sad and so pathetic…

  7. Ay, Claudia. You obviously have a little problem with reading comprehension. Fact of the matter is that I am not 47 years old, but a lively 41.

    Neither here nor there, I suppose. As Mr. Realtor, apart from having a total lack of education by disrespecting my wife like a true macho-man, did look a bit concerned as to my presence. I noticed, as well, that with the presence of a man around, he pretty much kept his derrogatory commentsto my wife to himself, as well he should have. Self preservation will do that to scrawny little weasels, you know.

  8. The commenter “Claudia” writing above, has a different IP address from the original Claudia, an IP address that is suspiciously close to that of the other troll(s) who have graced us with their presence. These trolls are lower than whale shit.

  9. Val, while you did the classy thing for the sake of your friend, I think there was a little wiggle room there for you to take the @#%&!! out in the parking lot …. or down the street.

  10. If MP was so outraged and offended, why did she take the escrow check from the guy?

    Are principles for sale?

    Since she did take the check, did she donate the entire sum to CANF or Alpha 66 or Omega 7 to keep her soul clean?

    Another question: why haven’t you posted the Fidelista’s name, business, and contact information?

  11. Seaga,

    First, my wife works for a company who was to be the recipient of the check which was necessary for a legally binding agreement of sale for a property. As such, it was her responsibility to procure said check, despite the circustances she had to endure in order to do so.

    Second, you have no idea who my wife is, you have no idea what she has lived through and you have no idea what sacrifices she and her family have made for Cuba.

    How dare you sir, come to my blog and question the integrity and priciples of my wife? You can criticise me and this blog all you like, but my wife is so absolutely above you and absolutely beyond reproach. You better stick to insulting me because my wife is way out of your league.

    For this callous and total lack of respect on your part, you are now banned from commenting in this blog. And consider yourself lucky – in a completely cowardly way – that you have made these remarks anonimously and tucked in the security blanket of the internet, for if you had the courage to make these remarks to me in person – which is highly doubtful – you would definitely learn what true wrath is.

  12. Reading you posts is really encojonante, but at the end of the day I’m happy that such a scumbag can show his love for Castro and Che and make good money selling high-end real estate.

    It’s call freedom.

    It doesn’t mean that I can’t dream of sending him to Paradise to live like a good commie.

  13. I respectfully disagree with conductor.

    I think Val did the right thing…he showed a lot of class…and that’s what he was supposed to do en la boda de su amigo…

    In other circumstances…he should have kicked his ass y bien!

    In the eyes of people who matter, it wouldn’t have hurt his credibility at all (it would have enhanced it a bit..not that it needs it)

    Crazy Cuban: yes…so?

    Those who matter, don’t mind – those who mind, don’t matter.

  14. Val,

    I totally agree with you about the Seaga troll.

    I would like to know who this Castroite realtor is, so I know NOT to frequent his business, ever..

  15. I am quite certain that the “claudia” comment is not from the “real” Claudia. These vermin really are scum.

  16. Ventanita!!! Did I read a curse word from you? Cooool!!! I thought you said you were naive??

    Val…if you’re viejo, I’m in the grave. But as much as I admire your restraint, I would have done like Gigi suggested…even now, but definitely if I could revert back to your “advanced” age. Seriously, you did the right thing as many have already acknowledged.

    But keep that guy in mind when I come to visit and we get drunk out of our asses…you can blame everything on me!

  17. Patricio, I am naive, but I curse!!! And you should hear me in Spanish!!

    In case the Seaga troll is still reading this:
    1. either you know nothing about real estate, have never purchased a property, both or you just like playing idiot. I think Val covered very well why his wife HAD to accept this check.

    2. As for posting the Fidelista’s name, I’m sure you would love it, so you can give him a call! Let me clarify, while in your Castroite paradise it is mandatory to publish names and addressess of dissentors publicly so people can go harass, send RRB’s or do actos de repudio, see here we are a bit more civilized. There is no need to oust this guy, it is our choice, or rather Vals choice, whether to do or not b/c we live in a free country.

    Val, I’m with Max in that at least let some of us know so that we never hire this guy as a realtor, unless of course the properties he deals with are beyond my reach.

  18. Greetings. I’m new to this blog, and it’s becoming a favorite. Val showed a touch of class, which bespeaks wisdom and maturity. He also showed an honorable desire to defend his wife, which is a rare quality.

    Now, all opinions about what’s right or wrong aside, I must say, this twenty-something realtor’s decision to put photos of F & C on the walls of his plush office was just PLAIN STUPID. I bet he got the idea when he was having a maltov cocktail at Balan’s happy hour after work.

    So I’d say to this fella: Come on, you work and live in a hotbed of politics, you want to be a successful and wealthy realtor (I assume) and you do something that is not only in poor taste (interior-design wise), but also potentially limiting to the success of your business, based on the place where you live and the people who surround you. Get with the program, dude. Your job is to KISS THE ASS of clients and business partners who make your business successful, for pete’s sake. Leave politics outside of the office. Office decor should be neutral, pleasing. But no! With photos of F & C, the people who care about Cuba are going to be offended. And the political statement you are trying to make by ruining the decor of your office will be lost on all the other half-wit morons buying property in the city.

    Well, if we did know this fella’s name and address, I’d call one of those design shows on HGTV to remodel his office in good taste. Maybe bring in Martha Stewart?

  19. I agree with you on the hidding your true identity…Does that mean I can keep posting? But Val your starting a shark frenzy here..Bcareful with your emotions and what u say.You standing up for your wife is totally accepted…A dialog with him would have been better…Theres no hate here because of your postings,not on my part..I dont foul mouth anyone and I dont hide.We share different ideas,but you know what? We are both trying to do the same thing only different..peace

  20. Victor,

    No victor, we are certainly NOT both trying to do the same thing.

    I am trying to rid Cuba of the worse plague to ever have affected her in her life whichhappens to be fidel castro, the very same person you laud and have posters of and use as a capitalist seeling point for your restaurant.

    We are most certainly NOT both trying to do the same.

  21. Victor, you don’t “foul-mouth anyone”? I guess I must have misread the comments — that I gladfully and gleefully deleted, BTW — where you impugn me and Val and Ziva using, shall we say, more than colorful language, huh? Dude, calling you an asshole is an insult to assholes.

  22. Jorge, I have never used foul language against anyone on this blog..You got it wrong my friend.Not you nor val nor anyone. You are making things as to let others think that I to, like yourself like foul language..No you didnt misread my post.You only see what you want to see.Like what you just called me..An opening with which you eat,you talk,but never wipe.I suggest Zoloft,xanax or maybe stop reading those barnyard animal stories..Call Rush,he might help.

  23. Val..Ok Ill agree…You do it your way, I do it mine..What you have to understand that I dont write to insult…Im always put to that test by some of your bloogers,but I dont give in…What you have to do is put a leash on Jorge cause he is not giving any credability to your blog..He talks to much garbage..

  24. You lefties are amazing. On the one hand you get offended by my alleged use of “foul” language, to wit, my use of the word “asshole” in reference to you. This word is, after all, in the vernacular and is used all the time in many situations and in different contexts. On the other hand, you are not offended by the crimes against humanity — crimes against your own people, Victor — perpetrated by fidel and che. As a matter of fact, you admire them so much that you have created a shrine to them in your restaurant by having murals of these murderers on your walls.

    Go figure…

  25. Victor- Your presence here is an insult. -That you continue to visit here, knowing that you and your veiws are not welcome is in itself profane.

  26. Ziva, aside from profane, Victor’s behavior is baffling.

    Why on earth a human would insist on going to a group that not only does not espouse his/her views, but consistenly tells him/her to leave?

    I certainly do not go where I feel I am not welcomed.

  27. Victor,

    I dont go to your restaurant and tell your employees how to make a cuban sandwich or un cafecito do I? Dont come here to my venue and have the audacity to presume to tell me who to have helping me and who to choose as friend.

    Nor would i continue to frequent your establishment had you made it clear I was not welcome there. That’s the difference between you and me victor, I at least have a modicum of self respect and dignity – not to mention educacion – to know its best to not be where Im not wanted.

    And another thing, if I thoughht, for one second, that you had anything reasonably productive to add to any debate – other than your usual fidel loving, gusano criticizing – i wouldnt have a problem with your coming here and commenting and joing in on the debate. But you dont bring anything to the table other than the same stale rhetoric, over and over and over again. Regurgitating the same tripe out of fidel’s mouth like a true follower.

    you say you have family in Cuba and that you only want twhat’s best for them. Wouldnt that be for them to have the same things you do? You know, a job where you make your own money and create a future for yourself. Acees to the internet. The ability to voice your mind and opinions. Food on the table. etc… You know, all the things afforded you by this country.

    castro supporters like you always say that we Cuban-Americans support the embargo because its big business and all that. But i submit to you, sir, that it is the likes of you who dont want the embargo lifted. You, so you can stay in business. After all, what would happen to the nuance and quaintness of your restaurant should there no longer be a revolution? All the mystique would be gone by the wayside.

    So, I urge you once agian publicly, please stop coming here and being a nuisance. We all find it unbelievably hypocritical of you to be preaching fidels mantra while raking in the bucks en la yuma. Your prescious revolution is an abysmal failure. Understand that. get used to it. perhaps someday youll be able to move on.

  28. For those of us outside of Miami (God Bless(ed) Texas), who is this Victor prick and what restaurant does he own? Not Victor’s Cafe, right?

  29. I do not want to give him any publicity so suffice to say that it’s in the northern latitudes way north of Florida and Texas.

  30. Only 2 things come from texas…Ok Val I win..Im out of here.Oye its ok.I gave you guys a good run.Jorge got his hard on then thanked his hand for the relief..Like they say in Mexico,”gracias mano”. I wont post again. Promise. You guyz are to violent and rabid. Its not a good mix..Wish you the best in trying to make Cuba the Whorehouse it used to be..Jorge I would offer you a roundtrip ticket to my place…but we so bz.

  31. victor,

    for a person that has bragged about maturity and respect with his comments, you sure did miss the boat on that last comment.

    And one more thing, Cuba is already a whorehouse, victor. Its just that the johns arent Americans any more.

  32. Let me forego maturity and respect and give Victor a nice send-off: take your rathole restaurant and shove it. And, BTW, the only “whore” in this conversation has been you, fidel’s loving and willing maric?n.

  33. Victor, rumor has it that the owner of the cuban revolution restaurant in Providence is looking for a love slave… Drop me a line if you want his contact info… I think you and him are made for each other.

  34. Ah, yes. I remember that restaurant now. Anyone who would own a place like that is a prick. And I hope that prick thanks God everyday that he is free to be as big a prick as he wants to be in the USA. In Cuba, victor, your little paladar would have been shut down. You would be one of the “new rich”. Here, in the land of the free, you’re just a prick. What a country!

  35. Whenever I hear stories like that, after the usual dry heaving and desire to break my knuckles on his face I wonder. WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS, PERRO ASESINO!

  36. Val – you are a better man than I am, that’s for sure. “Realtor” is the kind of deluded idiot we saw in pre-bc Cuba, such as the Babuns and Julio Lobo, useful fools who thought by licking a would-be dictator’s little boots and yapping in approval every time he opened his mouth, they would be “left alone” to enjoy their riches. Unfortunately, they did much to put the bastard in power, and that is the danger in people like “realtor.” More the reason to expose them.

    Speaking of realty matters, saw in Forbes magazine recently a news item about BB&T in North Carolina inaugurating a new policy of not lending to any developer who seeks financing in connection with properties seized under the “Kelo Vs Connecticut” eminent domain ruling – a Supreme Court travesty. That is corageous, and to be applauded! Hope more financial organizations will adopt this policy.

  37. Victor- Your presence here is an insult. -That you continue to visit here, knowing that you and your veiws are not welcome is in itself profane.

    Profane? I thought that the exchange of views that were not welcome is a fundamental concept in democracy.

    I mean, telling someone not to come to a party because he thinks differently is so dictatorial.

    – Scott Street Shaun
    3d Ward Texas, 3d Coast USA

  38. Scott,

    I take it your are new to the whole Cuba thing, no?

    Let me ‘splain it for you ok?

    The exchange of views is not only a fundamental concept of democracy, but a welcome one. The fact is that there are certain people who, even after having expressed and exchanged their views, after having debated and argued, after having said arguments clearly debunked with fact, data and logic, refuse to accept the fact that their views are, in essense, not based on reality. Thus, with a person like victor, who has been coming here and commenting here for months, usually with the same old diatribe despite he himself knowing he is wrong, and moreover he himself knowing that he is here in the conversation simply to detract from it, yeah, it is rather profane.

    Discourse is one thing, sticking yur fingers in your ears and blahblahblahing the same thing over and over and over again without offering anything new, anything positive to the debate is another animal alltogether.

  39. I don’t know Val.

    It sounds like you guys are trying to equate democracy with changing someone’s mind.

    I was always taught that to each his own and if that is how someone wants to feel about something, cool. That’s on them.

    My uncle is a retired teacher who was at Thurgood Marshall HS for years and he used to always say that

    “I disagree with what you have to say but will fight to the death to protect your right to say it.”

    He said that is what he felt when he read the Constitution (our grandparents used to make sure we all had a copy of it next to the Bible in the house and that it was used often) and that is what he heard when he took his Oath of Enlistment when he joined the Marines back in 1967.

    – Scott Street Shaun
    3d Ward Texas, 3d Coast USA

  40. Shaun,

    Well, in case yoiu havent noticed, this blog is dedicated to the freedom of the Cuban people and is, by default, anti castro. thus, yoiu certainly cant expect me to offer it up as a podium for castro’s revolutinary propaganda, can you?

    kinda defeats the purpose of having the blog in the first place.

  41. No disrespect to you Ma’am but doesn’t that run counter to what a democracy is all about?

    I thought this website was about creating a free and democratic Cuba?

    Isn’t a good idea to start with freedom and democracy on a website?

    I keep hearing about how Cubans don’t have internet but what good is the net if it cannot be used democratically?


    – Scott Street Shaun
    3d Ward Texas, 3d Coast USA

  42. Shaun,

    I am using the net democratically. I started my own blog specifically for that purpose. And I am willing to allow for reasoned debate and commentary. But fact of the matter is that without even considering that I pay for and maintain this blog and that this is not a public service, it will not be used for the purposes of propaganda for the castro regime.

    Everyone is free to express their ideas and ideals as they see fit as long as it is done in a reasonable and HONEST way.

    maybe you should stick around a while. get to know us. read some of the other entries of importance. There’s plenty of them. But dont make your first appearance here a dick swinging contest. Contrary to your belief, I have one and I know how to use it.

  43. It boils down to this: Under our democratic system, just as a man’s home is his castle and he decides who is allowed in as a guest, and who is not, so is his blog site the “cybercastle” equivalent. Same rules.

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