Ho hum…

It seems that while I was away from the blog this weekend there was yet another influx of anonymous comments where the message of this blog, myself and other readers were criticized, among other things for speaking the basic truth about Cuba.

“Statistics” were put up, outlandish theories, erroneous arguments…the whole works. All of these, once again, with the cover of anonymity and all of them – every single one – coming from the same two IP addresses and using different names. Apparently, these folks are like Rapid Response Brigades, at the ready to obscure the truth using innuendo, finger pointing and smoke and mirrors statistics. Of course, hooding themselves like terrorists with anonimity. Like cowards.

I’m not worrying much about them though. The simple truth is the simple truth, and anyone interested in the truth knows perfectly well what the truth is.

Unfortunately, my friends who were to help get the comment registration up this weekend were unable to get to it. Hopefully, they’ll be able to lend a hand sometime this week. So bear with me folks and do please do your best to be like Teflon and let the comments of those interested in nothing but maintaining fidel castro’s grip on the dignity of the Cuban people just slide right off.

Todo se paga en la vida, and one day they’ll have to pay the maker.

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  1. I had to delete several comments by my (not so) favorite troll this weekend. Also, the one you mentioned that put up statistics, used UN numbers as if that gave the stats the imprimatur of TRUTH. Funny. There are all sad little people in love with a sad, evil philosophy. I actually pity them for their stupidity and their inability to think.

  2. I dont know if it’s stupidity, George. They are most likely ones who benefit from the bondage of teh Cuban people. It’s worse than idiocy. It is inhumanity.

  3. Yes, sadly, I think you are both right. Sometimes I also think they are people with nothing better to do than argue to have fun, but then again I’ve been known for being naive.

  4. No Ventanita, I think you’re right as well. The internet is the PERFECT place for cowardly assholes to stir the pot without having to show their face. They do here what they can only dream of doing in person.

  5. Ah, Ventanita! To be naive again! ; )


    I can imagine how frustrating it must be to have your blog used, manipulated, turned inside out by those who want to undermine your efforts, be they young, misguided zealots (products of liberal universities and media) or castro agents. The only way you can pay back that frustration is by limiting their comments on the blog. This could be seen by some as falling into the censorship trap, an aspect of the castro regime of which we are so critical. But your blog is not the internet. It is only a part of it, and it has to retain its distinctiveness. Let the remainder of cyberspace take care of divergent views. Babalu’s job and focus should be what it always has been: to counteract (not give voice to)propaganda and create “an island on the net WITHOUT a bearded dictator.”

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  7. Ah, the trolls, I too had my share of fun with them. I’ll keep my can of raid handy. Annoying little insects aren’t they?

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