castro runs out of rum

Anybody surprised? Cuba, the rum capital of the universe, has the world’s finest, lightest, most exquisite rum. It also has a global customer base with a taste for it and one that’s perfectly willing to buy it at almost any price.

And still, under castroite communism, the rum shortages appear. Only a communist regime can do this, nobody else can. But it takes a particular kind of incompetence to run out of a trademark product of excellence like Cuban rum. Not even the evil Czech communists ran out of Pilsner beer. But somehow, castro figured out a way to run out of rum.

Shortages are a fact of life in Cuba, illustrating communist mismanagement in full. Chavez’s Venezuela is running out of oil. Zimbabwe is running out of wheat. Vietnam, pre-doi moi ran out of rice. Mao’s China ran out of everything. And now, rum is a thing of the past in castro’s island paradise. It’s pretty disgusting.

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Alcohol shortage cuts Havana rum production

Havana, Feb 27 (EFE).- Rum, Cuba’s “national drink,” is getting scarce due to a shortage of alcohol supplies for its producer/distributor in the Cuban capital.

Dora Carbonell, assistant production manager for the Drinks and Soda Company who is in charge of production and distribution in the Havana area, said in a statement published Monday in the weekly magazine “Workers” that in January there was already no way to supply rum to the Cadena distribution network for products sold in Cuban pesos.

“In January we sold nothing to Cadena and in February only 2,170 cases, but since this month we have received none of the necessary raw materials, there’s a danger we will not even be able to export what we had projected for March,” Carbonell said. Cuba produces some 34 commercial brands of rum and has 11 plants dedicated to its production for export.

The island produces a total of 43 million cases of rum for both export and domestic sales per year, according to statistics of the Food Industry Ministry. EFE jlp/cd

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  1. I’ve tried the Havana Club rum and it tastes like drech…shit…mierda. It’s the nastiest tasting shit being marketed as rum. Bacardi and Captain Morgan blow it away.

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