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Dean Esmay and Tyrone Steele of Palm Trees in the Ghetto spent quite a bit of time upgrading my blogging software and adding comment registration. A huge thanks to the both of them for all their help. Ill be sending each some Cuban delicacies as soon as possible.

I thought long and hard about what to do about the comments. It had become extremely difficult to monitor the comments section. I just dont have the time to stay on top of each and every comment that’s posted. I considered removing comments altogether, but then we wouldnt get to scrap it out every once in a while. And scrapping out every once in a while is fun. Keeps us sharp. Thus, considering all this, I decided to add comment registration.

From now on, in order to comment at Babalú, you will need to have a TypeKey authenticated registration. It’s free and it’s easy to register, just click here and follow the instructions. You will be commenting in no time.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you all will continue to share your thoughts with all through comments just as much a before.

Thank you .

We now return you to our regular fidel castro bashing schedule.

20 thoughts on “Comment Registration”

  1. Ok, I finally figured this out. Congrats Val. Now we can keep the agent provacateurs out.

  2. Oh, one more thing. Did anybody see the special on ESPN last night about Cuba’s participation in the classic? It sickens me to see Bud Selig sitting next to the butcher of Havana.

  3. A lot of people trash Bud Selig for what he’s done as commissioner. I don’t have any problems with him from a baseball perspective, but that trip to Cuba was ridiculous. That’s like sitting next to Hitler in his box at the 36 Olympics, if the 36 Olympics had been held in 44.

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