Black gold, Texas Havana tea

I wonder if the environmentalists that are so against offshoe oil drilling will protest Cuba’s drilling for oil and gas 35 miles off the Florida keys:

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar. 2 — Cuba is moving to develop its offshore oil and gas resources, which would result in development closer to Florida’s coast than the US government allows, Rep. John E. Peterson (R-Pa.) warned on Mar. 2.

“Offshore oil and natural gas drilling, sanctioned by the Cuban government, occurs within 60 miles of Florida’s southern borders. Moreover, the drilling potential within the existing Cuban basin is such that oil wells will, in the near future, be as close as 35-40 miles from the Florida keys,” he said.

The island nation cannot develop its offshore energy resources itself, so it enlisted the help of Canadian, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, Venezuelan, and Norwegian companies, Peterson said.

That’s closer to US shores than US regulations allow US companies to drill for oil.

Read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Black gold, <strike>Texas</strike> Havana tea”

  1. Maybe now that Cuba has oil (albeit ours) the US will sit up and take notice. Maybe. Hoping…

  2. I blew a gasket when I read this. castro, with all his marvellous environmental and safety standards is allowed to drill 35 miles off our coast while Exxon and Shell and BP and all the other good American oil companies with the best technology and safety record in the world (recall that during even Katrina and Rita, there were no oil spills), are to be relegated 230 miles offshore, for our ‘safety’?

    OH THIS STINKS OF SPECIAL INTEREST ENVIRONMENTAL WACKO POLITICS. Who benefits? Hugo Chavez benefits. castro benefits. It stinks!

  3. I’m personally not moved by this at all, other than what Mora said about our own companies having to drill so far away. The more drilling in this hemisphere, the better.

  4. Like Ventanita, I’d like to know if this is legal. What’s the deal with international water boundaries when it comes to drilling? So they can shoot down our brothers but then build rigs? Does anyone know the low-down?

    You can drill right in your own backyard or 300 miles away, there is no such thing as ‘safety,’ it’s just an illusion of safety. The environment, the Gulf, the Atlantic, the peninsula and the archipelago … it’s all connected. But this is the world we live in. After all, Turkey Point is right in our own backyard.

    Ah, things were simpler when we cooked on fire and had no TV.

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