Chavez’s school takeover

Cubans have seen this disgusting spectacle before. El Minime down in Caracas is following in his master’s footsteps. He’s announcing that all schools will be … puke … ‘Bolivarian’ by next year. That means ideological indoctrination in the ways of fidelismo, chavismo and Marxism will advance well ahead of actual learning. As if Venezuelan schools are not bad enough!

Now Chavez is going after the children. He knows that impressionable young minds with no experience are his best hope of consolidating his fake revolution, given how badly the rest of Venezuela hates him by now. The man is absolutely despised across the board and if any trolls out there don’t believe me, read this leftist letter here.

But here is how bad these schools really are. I went to one when I was in Caracas last year. It was all cant, with endless ‘discussion’ over petty details. I think they were complaining about Globovision, the most popular TV station, and saying it needed to be destroyed. There was a lady as well, who said she was a lawyer, who was intently reading the psychiatry book of Isaias Rodriguez, the bat-brained election-fraud chief of Venezuela’s decrepit elections no one trusts. She was reading it like it was serious. But then some guy got up and drew one of these atomic drawings, you know, those little oval rings with dots, representing atoms, like they had in the 1960s? He was an old 1960s radical, with long gray hippie hair, who’d been taken seriously for the first time in his life. That’s what Venezuelans face, now that Hugo Chavez vows to take over the schools.

The story is here.

3 thoughts on “Chavez’s school takeover”

  1. I wonder how voters are going to react to this. It’s one thing to slap them around and Chavez has been doing it. It’s another thing to go after their kids. Can you imagine being a poor person and being told THIS was going to be the kind of education your kids would get? It wasn’t what they had bargained for.

  2. I’m with Scott — deja vu. Just get a load of that wacky Jay Bennish in CO, and all questions will be answered.

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