A WBC Cubanism

The vaunted Cuban National team is losing to lowly Panama 4-2 in the seventh inning. With the results of the game still in question, I thought Id offer up a cubanism or two for Team Cuba:

Cubanism: Perro que ladra no muerde.

Translation: Barking dogs dont bite.

Cubanism: No escupas p’arriba.

Translation: Dont spit upwards.

Cubanism: No te tires el peo mas alto que el culo.

translation: Dont fart higher than your ass.

Take your pick.

Update: Apparently, fidel castro himself has called the Cuban dugout and ordered the team to score. It’s tied 4-4 now. Perhaps he offered up his own cubanism for his beleaguered team: Si no ganan no jaman.

Update: Cuba takes it in 11, 8-6. Their team’s last out in the top of the elleventh was on 3rd base, arguably one of baseball’s biggest no-nos.

Update: Adding insult to injury, the USA team is down 0-7 to the Canadians. The Canadians. The Big Guy upstairs sure has a sense of irony.

11 thoughts on “A WBC Cubanism”

  1. How ’bout a classic? “Dejen de hablar tanta mierda.” Maybe the Cuban team should “rent” a better coach than feed-el, el pelotero sin bolas.

  2. One of my favorite cubanisms from my grandfather was: “tiene un ojo dormido y el otro comiendo mierda.”

    I’m sure the bearded prick had his consigliere call Panama and say if they don’t throw the game, they’ll have labor trouble in the Panamanian Capital…..

  3. According to my count there are 13 players whose names start with “Y”. What ever happen to Jose, Pedro and Valentín. Bottom of the 11th 8 – 6, Cuba leading.

  4. I think US will have a tough time in the first couple of games, since they’ve not played as a team as many of these teams have.

  5. May I ask where you folks were watching (or listening to) this game?
    I couldn’t find it anywhere. Obviously, I wasn’t looking for it in the right place.
    A little help here, please…

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