Guillermo Fariñas finally getting the attention he deserves

It’s been 36 days since I initially reported this story at La Ventanita, and through that time, aside from the usual suspects – CubaNet, Net for Cuba, Reporters without Borders, and us the Cuban bloggers – only the New York Sun, El Nuevo Herald, and Pajamas Media carried the story.

Today, 36 days later, Reuters and EFE News have both picked up the story of Guillermo Fariñas’ hunger strike for Internet Access.

Guillermo Fariñas, a 41-year-old psychologist and director of Cubanacan Press in Cuba, was blocked from having internet access because of a phone interview he granted to The Miami Herald in which he denounced the wave of repressions against dissidents and independent reporters in Cuba.

You’d think that a reporter going on a hunger strike so he can get Internet access – which we all take for granted – would’ve received more attention. At least, as much attention as China and their internet censorship has gotten lately with the entry of Google into their market.

Though the strike is far from over, and Fariñas remains as decided as ever to continue his effort to the last consequences, at least today we have reason to rejoice as perhaps, with this new attention, the MSM can see the Bearded Stooge and his government for who they are – a totalitarian regime which controls its citizen’s access to information and which by law prohibits freedom of the press and ensures its enforcement.

And maybe, with some added attention on Fariñas, the pressure might be enough to help him get his wish of Internet access so he can continue his work as an independent journalist, and director of Cubanacan Press.

Read the update here.

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