How do you say hypocrisy in Mexican?

Mexico – the very same country that published a pamphlet – complete with step by step instructions and illustrations – to assist its people in illegally entering the United States, has declared that it will tighten security at detention centers where Cuban refugees are being held.

Officials also will deny political asylum to those involved in the latest conflict.

“After these acts, changes will certainly have to be reviewed to increase the level of security” at immigration holding centers like the one in Mexico City where a dozen Cubans rioted and briefly took over the facilities Monday, presidential spokesman Ruben Aguilar said.

The riots are fueled in part by the fact that most Cubans are forced to wait for months inside decrepit Mexican detention centers. The Cuban government often delays recognizing them as a means of punishment for their attempt to leave the island, Mexican officials say.

The Cubans involved in Monday’s uprising were demanding they not be returned to the island, saying they feared reprisals there. Eight Cubans were injured in the scuffle, though their injuries were not life-threatening, the government said in a news release.

There has been an increase in Cuban refugees entering the US through Mexican borders lately, to which the Mexican government has responded by also increasing security throughout the affected areas. It seems the pamphlet linked above is only meant assist Mexican immigrants, while Cubans seeking political asylum are routinely held in Mexican prisons and at times ultimately repatriated to the island.

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  1. One also notes that Mexican authorities also deal harshly with those trying to go north from Guatemala and other Central American countries. However, it is clear that these are economic immigrants, Cubans in general are not. I think that the Mexican Government does not like Cubans who escape the Island because they are welcome in the US. Yet far more Mexicans have been legallized in the US than Cubans

  2. I can’t deal with these issues in a calm and rational way so I’m going to refrain from making any comments. I will appear to be unduly harsh to those folks who are uninformed about our “neighbor” to the south.

  3. First, the answer. it is “hipocresía” as far as I can tell. Second, the questions. Why is it “illegal”, “rascist”, and “immoral” when the US proposes sending troops in to monitor and secure it’s border with Mexico but there is no similar standard appplied to Mexico’s use of it’s military to secure it’s southern border? Why are Mexican immigrants to the US able to own land and American’s cannot own land in Mexico? How is repatriating Mexicans back to Mexico whenever and however they are discovered “draconian” and “fascist” but Americans in Mexico (who outstay there cash) are immediately deported when they are discovered? Mexico’s corrupt government has no interest in the pepople of Mexico. instead of fixing Mexico’s internal problems they say “go to the US!”. Then, when the US complains that their healthcare system, school system, and welfare system are being over burdened by the illegal immigrants they say, You’re evil, selfish, nazi, rascists!

  4. The Mexican government is beyond corrupt. They don’t care about their own people, the Cubans, the Americans or anyone else. I can’t say I’m suprized by anything they do anymore.

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