Brother bloggers under threat

Our friend Daniel in Venezuela has been threatened by the Venezuelan government.

Chavista agents have publicly vowed, in a printed newspaper ad, to sic the “law” on a group of bloggers they call ‘The Anglo Venezuelan Connection.’ One of them was Daniel. Another of them was our Venezuelan friend Miguel. And yet another was our Venezuelan friend Alek Boyd, for whom they reserved special virulence, putting his name in their headline.

We knew this would happen. The Chavez regime is crumbling, and the Chavistas are now hunting for enemies to blame. We can put it off, at least a little, by getting the word out, getting the spotlight up on this. Chavistas fear the light, and work solely in darkness. Don’t let these castroite Chavistas get away with this through indifference. Do whatever you can to let them know you are a witness, whether getting word out on your blog, writing a letter to the editor, writing a letter to your congressman, or speaking out, maybe on the radio or maybe to your neighbor. The spotlight of truth is the one thing that chases these thugs away.

El Nuevo Herald, to its credit, is already on the case with this story here.

Some links about this are here:

From Miguel – a good clear overview.

From Daniel – a mocking retort to the chavista communists, from right there in the belly of the beast.

From Alek – and his contemptuous response to the dictator’s menacing minions.

And more key background from Alek, whose expose of Chavista fraud pollsters triggered the threat, showing that a key Chavista rice bowl of corruption was probably more important than any of us realized – Alek hit them hard with this one.

From Publius Pundit.

And a special thanks to Glenn at Instapundit for taking a heroic interest in this at a time when it counts here.

3 thoughts on “Brother bloggers under threat”

  1. Whether kaSStro, chavito, mora-less, the MSM and company like it or not, the bloggers will always get through. And yes, we need to support them and make sure they stay on the radar screen, so their enemies cannot attack them with impunity.

  2. This should be front-page news. Can we bombard Drudge and persuade him to post it? or Powerline? or Michelle Malkin?

    I beg to differ, but I don’t see Chavez “crumbling” (although he’s worthless), I see him consolidating his grip by starting to purge any opposition at a fast pace. If he doesn’t hurry, it may get out of his control, so he’s turning up the heat; he’s been muzzling the media for many months, ever since La Ley Mordaza. His cronies have infested all the country’s institutions. Nobody stands up to him publicly without serious repercusions.

    So we need to give these bloggers a hand.

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