Poor salesmanship.

Glenn Reynolds had a rather interesting post yesterday at Instapundit that read, simply:

“I WOULDN’T BRING UP CUBA IF I WERE YOU, it’s poor salesmanship.”

It linked to this piece titled “The Blogosphere and Cuba” at Pajamas Media, which stated:

Following our post on the third anniversary of Cuba’s Black Spring last Saturday, Marc Cooper comments: Pajamas Media also has a round-up of blog postings on the Cuban anniversary. All of the links are to conservative or right-wing blogs.

The reason is unfortunate. There are no liberal blogs marking this anniversay today. At least none that can be easily found.

The round-up of blogs mentioned above, with the exception of Marathon Pundit, are all a part of the Cuban-American blog community. (Yes, Ziva, you are officially a Cuban-American).

Now, without wanting to anger anyone, especially those few who arent Cuban-American bloggers whom I admire as they have supported and still support the cause for a free Cuba, this small community of blogs is all we have.

On ocassion, one of the big guns of the right side of the blogosphere – Instapundit, Captain’s Quarters, Powerline, Michelle Malkin, Wizbang, among others – will link to or publish a post about Cuba or some Cuban issue. Yet unfortunately, they are few and far between. And trust me, this blogger isnt being ingrateful, all of their links and write-ups are appreciated. The more help in exposing the reality of Cuba the better.

But I have to wonder after reading Instapundit’s post above.

Just last week, and much to my disappointment, I emailed Glenn Reynolds congratulating him on his new book “An Army of Davids” and since the subject of the book, as it reads on the cover, is “How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government and Other Goliaths”, I figured I had the perfect scenario in order for this Army of Davids to make a difference.

Picture, if you will, this Army of Davids in this battlefield called the blogosphere all coming together to help one guy who is starving himself in order to access the very same thing Reynolds states is a factor for change: the technology of the internet.

Because if you really look at it, there is no better an example of a modern day David against a modern day Goliath than Guillermo Fariñas against fidel castro’s government.

And yet not so much as a response from Instapundit. Perhaps now I know why:

It’s poor salesmanship to even bring up Cuba.

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  1. You know Val, I don’t know if you were copied in the email I sent yesterday, but I was rather insulted by his one line post. It either read, PJ don’t waste your time on Cuba, or in relation to Cooper’s opinion about the left not covering Cuba – then he was being sarcastic.

    Either way, I would’ve expected a LOT more from this guy.

  2. Well, that indiference to the suffering of the Cuban people goes beyond insult and injury: it’s just called complicity-by-silence. A one liner “about poor salesmanship”? The guy’s full of it.

  3. I’m a big fan of your work Val, but I think you’re off the mark here.

    Glenn’s whole point is that Cuba is a terrible, awful, oppressive place that embarasses leftists.

  4. TallDave, I beg to differ. If what you say is true, then Glenn can put his money where his mouth is. An “Army of Davids” indeed. Is that army the army of his fawning admirers, or real bloggers, in the trenches, day after fucking day, doing the good works with nary a line of recognition. Don’t get me started on this shit.

  5. I’d give Glenn the benefit of the doubtwith regards to the meaning of the one-liner. As to not responding to your mail, I imagine he has a pretty full inbox these days. And considering the number of times recently he has posted about Cuba, he has a better score card on the issue than most.

  6. PJM in Barcelona posted not only a mention of the hunger strike but also the very same etching of the activist that is passed around. That might have been because Glenn passed your email on to him.

  7. Dave,

    I agree, that was exactly Glenn’s point. However, he doesnt do all that much posting about Cuba either.

    And farbeit for me to suggest to any blogger what to cover on their blog, but if youre going to write abook about how the internet empowers your average person to beat big government, then what better an example than a guy starving himself against the Goliath of his government for the privilege?

    Are Cubans somehow exempt from the power of internet technology?

  8. BTW, Dave, Cuba does not embarass leftists; they think it’s utopia, they admire the beast’s 50 years of sticking his finger in our eye. Why else would they put the effort they do into propping up that motherless fuck and his regime?

  9. Dave,

    I stated in this post that Glenn has, in fact, posted about Cuba before. And Ill state publicly here and now that I prefer the support of one Glenn reynolds than a thousand Kos’s.

    But if making a difference is what An Army of Davids is about, then he is giving up one damned good chance at making a damned good bit of a difference. That’s all Im saying.

    there’s a guy in Cuba starving himself for access to the internet.


    I dont want to start with the whole “no one gives a shit ” thing. Some people do, many people dont, etc…

    All Im saying with this post is that there is an opportunity being missed here, and that is a damned shame.

  10. For some reason money and mouth never seem to go to the same place for some people.

    They scream…

    We want change!

    But they also want someone else to make the chages for them.

    You can’t win the war without fighting the tough battles. If your call to action is empowering the little guy and you pass on a battle like the one currently being fought by Guillermo Farinas you make your cause look indecisive and weak.

    God bless Mr. farinas. I will be sending his story to more media outles today in hope (albeit a small one) that they will finally take notice and give his suffering the exposure it deserves.

  11. My reaction to the one liner was that he was being sarcastic. He linked to an excellent post by Marc Cooper and if you read the comments thread there I think that becomes obvious. As for the missed opportunity, ditto what George said.

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