Fariñas Blogburst

Our dear friend Fausta is putting together a Blogburst for Guillermo Fariñas this coming Monday, March 27th. I urge each and every one of you, blogger and non-blogger alike, to spread the word and join us, either via your blog, webpage or email campaign.

You can email me at the link on the sidebar or email Fausta at faustaw-at-yahoo.com and let us know you’re participating and make sure you include “Guillermo Fariñas” in the subject line. Entries should be ready to post no later than Sunday evening. With your email, please send along the excerpt from your piece you’d like posted here and at Fausta’s. Come Monday, once your post is published, we will add the links to your excerpts and posts.

Pajamas Media is already in as are others who have taken Mr. Fariñas cause to heart.

The more people out there exposing the truth, the less places lies have to hide.

6 thoughts on “Fariñas Blogburst”

  1. Has anyone sent a press release or any other information to any major news outlets (like Fox News)? I can’t see CNN or MSNBC covering this.

  2. Sent it to Drudge (b/c it will get wide press) but no response.

    Comparado con las estupideces que aparecen en algunos bloggers, this should take top priority.

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