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  1. Castro has his underwear incinerated? Each day he reminds me more of Woody Allen’s fictitious dictator, Esposito, in the 1970s movie, “Bananas.” As soon as Esposito wins his guerrila war against the pro-US government and assumes power, he decrees that henceforth the official language of San Lorenzo will be Swedish. People will have to wash their underwear every two hours. And to make sure that they wash their underwear, they will have to wear them on the outside!

    It was funny when I saw the film for the first time. It’s beginning to look prescient.

  2. If the situation in Cuba weren’t so tragic, it would be the stuff of great satire that would make Bananas pale by comparison.

  3. I noticed this made it to the Drudge Report … now … let’s hope that Guillermo Farinas story also makes it there before it’s too late.
    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. ” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    May God Bless and protect Farinas!


  4. Since you mentioned the Guillermo Farinas story, can anyone tell me why I haven’t heard anything about this story in the news?

  5. I wonder how may laws did Otto break on behalf of the Castros that is not talking about. What I like to know is Otto’s dirty secrets, and who the people that were hurt in the process. I think that it is absolutely disgusting to give this guy prime time just because he heard from someelse that castro likes to incinirate his underwear, and now he wants to be part of the Miami community, he will tell what everyone wants to hear to speed up that process.
    The only thing about fidel’s life that I am iterested in is the end of it.

    El tipo es un berraco.

  6. A good epitaph for the bearded scumbag: He burned his underwear every night.

    It came to that. Burning his underwear every night. I wonder if he recalls the time when he was a guerrilla in the woods – did it occur to him that he would wind up an evil old man whose chief preoccupation was burning his every pair of his every underwear, every night? Throwing them in the fire? I hope it reminds him of hell.

    Better still, I hope he realizes that all the underwear burning he can do won’t be enough to stop every real Cuban from pissing on his grave.

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