Raíces de Esperanza Remembers

Uruguay – Members of the Uruguayan Youth Committee for Democracy in Cuba gathered in front of the Cuban embassy in Montevideo with 8 meter-long banners that read “No More Political Prisoners in Cuba” and “Uruguay Youth Awaken!”. After the demonstration, they celebrated mass in solidarity with Cuban opposition.

On the third anniversary of the Cuban government’s crackdown on freedom, Raices de Esperanza remembers those on the island who have been deprived of their liberty as prisoners of conscience. Raices remains committed to the international effort to awaken the youth to this unjust reality in Cuba. We stand with hundreds of our young Latin American and European counterparts who have come together in front of Cuban embassies, monuments and plazas, legislative assemblies, and other public locations throughout the world to manifest their solidarity with human rights activists in Cuba. Three years after the wave of repression known as Cuba’s “Black Spring,” we remember all of Cuba’s political prisoners, in addition to all 11 million Cubans whose full dignity and potential are also prisoners in Castro’s Cuba.

Raices de Esperanza condemns the continued incarceration of innocent people who manifest their ideas and beliefs. As our great forefather Jose Marti said, “To witness a crime in silence is to commit it.”

Raices de Esperanza and their counterparts in Latin America and Europe participated in last weekends protests in solidarity with Cuba’s political prisoners and human rights activists. Please read their newsletter summarizing the weekend’s events here.