Castro lies about Katrina aid

Update: Reaction from the Cuban regime. Also, Reuters picks up the issue

Update 2: The Granma article calls Patrick Courtney a “so called spokesman”. Well do a little google on him and you will find that he is a spokesman for the commissioner’s office.

Remember how Castro said he would donate whatever money Cuba made from the WBC to the victims of hurricane Katrina? How he asserted this again at the speech welcoming the players? How the Cuba spokesperson at the end of the WBC and coach Higinio Velez at the beginning, repeated this to the press?

Well it was all a lie. Castro nor Cuba get any money whatsoever directly or indirectly, so there is nothing to donate.

La Ventanita, Cuban-American Pundits, The Real Cuba and Uncommon Sense have the story.

9 thoughts on “Castro lies about Katrina aid”

  1. Wouln’t it be funny if the whole thing was a set up (by US Gov) to spoil the bearded schmuck’s propaganda campaign. Lead him to believe that there was money, and then pull the rug. A little bit of misinformation. I remember reading that the booty was 8% of the receipts for the runner-up team. I think that this is where fidel got his $4 million number, based on $50 million revenue. I even asked who was the organization that was going to be managing Cubas “donation.” Oh, howe sweet it is!

  2. Orlando,

    Unfortunately the last laugh is on us. Nobody is ever going to remember a story in the Miami Herald that goes against what has already been reported around the world as a “charitable” contribution by Cuba.

  3. i agree conductor. the media seems incapable of following up on anything….if the original story is on the front page, then the correction will be in small print on the last page. so frustrating.

  4. castro lied!? Not castro, the man who brought literacy and healthcare to the prehistoric, preliterate and savage peoples of pre-revolution Cuba? Not castro, who with along with his superhero sidekicks che and raul, brought social justice to an bloody and enslaved Cuba in 1959? It can’t be! Say it ain’t so!

  5. Conductor is right. The news was already splashed across newspapers around the USA and that is the news that people will remember. What is more, I just read the latest in the NYT’s and the spirit of the article [which is totally uncritical of Castro and doesn’t explore Castro’s duplicity] is that Castro is a victim of the mean-spirited USA that if money isn’t going to be funneled to the victims of Katrina via Cuba, it is the USA’s fault for not paying Castro who after all was willing to donate the money.

    What we should do is demand that Castro sell his newly purchased 100 million dollar airplane and his 300 cars, his multi-million dollar clinic next to his house, give up his Swiss bank account, etc..and with those monies, give to the Katrina victims.

  6. Pssst, oye comandante, no seas tan seboruco, viejo — just send New Orleans a chunk of the shipment of refrigerators you got from China y ya. Nagin will make you look soooooo gooooood.

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