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I’m thinking of printing this T-shirt up. Any reactions?

Some people have objected to the use of the word “intransigent” on the shirt. I respect everyone’s opinion but the story of the genesis of the shirt deserves to be told. About 5 years ago a fellow graduate of Belen and I were having a pretty hot debate about Cuba. You see my friend went away to college and got brainwashed by a bunch of liberal professors and Jesuit priests. Anyway, in this debate he continually called me intransigent. I had never even heard the word before, but that’s OK there’s probably a lot of words I haven’t heard before. Anyway I’ve noticed a trend that everyone who is anti-castro is labeled intransigent. As some of you have commented intransigent can have a negative connotation, particularly when it’s used with the venom that castro sycophants use it with. But I’ve decided to own that particular criticism. Why? Well because I prefer this definition of the word:

adj.: not capable of being swayed or diverted from a course.

Intransigent is the key word on the shirt design. In fact, I’m pretty intransigent about the word intransigent.

When it comes to Human Rights, I’m intransigent
When it comes to pluralism, I’m intransigent
When it comes to freedom, I’m intransigent
When it comes to a free Cuba, I’m I N T R A N S I G E N T !

Just like my Miami Mafia shirt design, this perhaps doesn’t appeal to everyone. I’m not afraid of labels. Sticks and stones may break my bones…

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  1. I would still rather have a T-sirt with a picture of the arm that has the tattoo of Cuba that says ‘esperanza’.

  2. Conductor,

    However, I would rather leave out “intransigent” … maybe replace it with “passionate” … I don’t know … but I feel “intransigent” has a somewhat negative connotation …

    “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” ~Benjamin Franklin

    ~ + ~

    I wish you well!
    🙂 Melek

  3. Well I’m pretty intransigent about the word intransigent. I chose it for a reason.

    adj : not capable of being swayed or diverted from a course.

    We are always accused of being intransigent. And I say, so be it.

    I’m intransigent about Human Rights, I’m intransigent about pluralism, I’m intransigent about freedom, I’m intransigent about a free Cuba.

    I N T R A N S I G E N T !

  4. You could consider “stubborn” in lieu of “intransigent.” But then, this is coming from un Tauro cabezon.

    How about (yeah, it complicates the message and the process) adding “Proud Member of the Miami Mafia since xxxx (the buyer specifies the year).”

  5. i think you should leave instransigent. it does kind of have a negative connotation, but i think its different when used in this context.

  6. Leave “intransigent” in. We should be proud that we are not only intransigent, but adamantine, about what we want for Cuba’s future.

  7. Conductor,
    You asked for reactions and I gave mine … let me share my rationale for it … I believe that by already having hard-line, the “intransigent” is implied. I feel that there’s no need to be “labeled” intransigent when truth and reason are on your side, thus there’s no need to compromise!
    However, we must also remember that Intransigent is the first word in the shirt and then the largest is “Cuban-American” … so people will read first Intransigent and move down to Cuban-American … unfortunately many won’t read past this … also, as a Cuban-American, I understand the context, but we are trying to make an impact on all … and “perception” is relevant. I’m not sure if I’m making sense …
    If you are intransigent about it, would you consider the following?

    Maybe changing the order to:
    Capitalist, freedom-loving,
    Intransigent, hard-line,
    Patriotic, anti-castro,

    this is my humble opinion,
    Melek 🙂
    p.s. interesting that like Alberto, I’m Taurus too..:)

  8. Intransigent- yes we are! I will buy one, my mafia de miami one has started a number of interesting conversations, this one surely will as well. And ditto what Steve says, I’ll buy the white but black would be so much better.

  9. Melek, following your argument, which I might add is very true people will read only topline and bottom line, I would put the patriotic anti-castro as the first line

  10. I think Intransigent makes a statement. Doesnt bother me all that much, but I can see Melek’s point.

    Still, tho Im of the

    Intansigent, hard-line,
    fidel castro is my f******* bitch,
    capitalist, freedom loving,
    patriotic, anti-commie,
    kick ass Cuban-American
    mother f*******, commie
    ass kicking, freedom loving
    mother f*****.

    school of thought. But that’s just me.

  11. Leave intransigent!!!! When they use a word to insult you take up that word as your own and use it with pride. It’s a good word. I had not thought to describe myself that way but shall now.

    On another note, I am headed to Madrid for the weekend and am planning on wearing an anti-Che shirt. From the reaction I got from a Spaniard I was dating it should make for an interesting weekend. They sure do love el Che there. Dumbass wussy Spaniards!

  12. spain would be a beautiful country if not for the people, what with zapatero’s efforts to welcome cuba back into european hearts and all..

  13. You might be surprised when you wear your anti-sche shirt in Spain. You might get some compliments. In Berkeley California the only reaction I got was positive. There’s people everywhere that get it.

  14. let me tell you i was surprised (and angered) to receive not one but two disparaging comments about my ‘cuba libre’ shirt when i wore it to fiu the other day. gives new meaning to the phrase patience is a virtue

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